3 Things: The Great Purge

Do you ever feel like people have too much stuff these day? When I was a kid I certainly didn’t have several bins full of toys, and I’m sure we didn’t get to choose from one of 15 prepackaged school snacks in the morning. It’s not just the kids stuff either, from morning to night I’m confronted with too much stuff and too many choices; whether it’s lipgloss, tea flavours, or iPad apps, I just have too much of everything. 

Having all this “stuff” in my house is making me anxious and unhappy lately so I’ve decided enough is enough – we are going to purge our home like nobody’s business. So today’s 3 Things are brought to you by all the stuff we are getting rid of. 


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? The Overflowing Pantry
I’ve shared before about our kitchen problem – my cupboards are literally bursting at the seams! My take on this is that I simply love grocery shopping and food too much and end up buying more than we need or can possibly use. Tonight I went through our cupboards and packed up three whole bags of stuff for the food bank, and I made a pledge to stop overbuying.

As the internet is my witness, “I will not grocery shop without a list or overbuy ever again!” {Or at least I’ll make a damn good effort not to do that again okay?}ikea-tarva-chest-hack{This chest is a popular “hack choice”. I found these images on IKEA Hackers}



? Smaller Furniture – Too Buy or Not Too Buy
Once upon a time I used to think that bigger was better {in some cases I still do, but …}, however, I know now that when it comes to furniture more space means more stuff. Mr. T and I both have a 5 drawer Malm chest from IKEA and a bed that has 4 giant storage drawers. Not only is having all that stuff under our beds really bad feng shui, but it’s also causing us to hang on too…you guessed it TOO MUCH STUFF! No one needs as many sweatshirts as Mr. T has, or as many jersey dresses as I do – but because we never feel the pinch for space we keep adding stuff.

We are now considering down grading to Tarva chests from IKEA which I’m planning on painting navy blue. Somehow I feel like having smaller chests will make our room look bigger too, but I’m not sure if I really want to buy new furniture. 


? Painted Elephant Wood Cabinets
So part of our plan after the “great purge” is only to buy things we really love and make us happy, instead of settling for temporary furniture. Enter the beautiful elephant cabinet from World Market. I am in so much love {yes – so much love…like ‘dhak dhak karne laga’ kind of love}, but the million dollar (or more like $500 question) is should I splurge? I’ve saved up some money from side gigs and blog projects this year so the Mr. said it’s up to me, but I’ve yet to pull the trigger. I like both cabinets, but I think it would be the bookshelf I would go for. I’m really convinced I would love this cabinet forever and wouldn’t regret it. What do you think?


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  1. Kuljit
    November 13, 2014 / 9:20 pm

    Bookshelf is definitely more you! Though I’m thinking the other one would be great for me and all the new stuff I got from India!

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