3 Things Thursday: All Over the Place

The word of the week is; scatterbrained. Any guesses on who is suffering from this strange affliction? Yup, I’m the patient. The combination of having two sick kids home from school last week, and over-ambitious DIYing has left me exhausted and all over the place this week. 

I’m thinking it might be time to add some regular yoga sessions or meditation to my weekly routine. With summer break basically a week away, I think this mama needs a little stress releasing “me time” on the calendar! 

So in keeping with the scatterbrained theme, this week’s 3 things have nothing at all to do with each other!pink chai living

One: Painting
I pulled some plain canvases out of the closet, organized my paints, and even bought some new paintbrushes. This summer I’m going to do some painting – just for me. These projects may or may not end up on the blog, but I’m still going to do them. I’m really looking forward to painting freehand without worrying about mapping out the steps and taking step by step photos. I mean, I love you gals and this blog…but I kind of miss painting just becausepink chai living

Two: Playlists
How did I not know how to make playlists before? I’m kind of embarrassed to admit, I only just figure this out last week. Now I’m the process of organizing my music by weird categories that only I understand; Anuradha Paudwal & Kumar Sanu songs, Madhuri Dixit songs, Mahesh Bhatt movie songs. I’ve basically geeked out beyond belief and there is no turning back!pink chai living

Three: Reinventing Old Jewellery
I did a big closet clean out lately and came across a lot of jewellery that I don’t wear anymore but also can’t bring myself to throw out do to sentimental reasons; the handset from my wedding, the earrings I wore at my rokka, etc. So, I’ve decided to start remaking them into things I will actually wear and enjoy.  I already turned part of the chocker from my reception into a long necklace I love, and wore in this video, and am also working on a pair of payal from my wedding handset. I know some people would save the pieces as is, but I love the idea of re-inventing them. 3-Things-Thursday-

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  1. June 18, 2015 / 8:04 am

    I totally get you about being scatterbrain, Me all the time 😀
    My playlist typically consists of 2 songs…… :
    and reinvent them! no need to be a hoarder if they never see the light of day. people are oddly a bit too sentimental about wedding stuff and it’s like they’re just things that doesn’t even matter. it’s the marriage that counts. Excited to see what you do with them

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