3 Things Thursday: Currently Testing

One of the most amazing perks of being a blogger is the opportunities I get to try out new products. It’s so fun for the kids to see the delivery being ‘unboxed’, I enjoy the testing and playing process, and then I get to share my finds with all of you! However, it means that my house usually looks like the As Seen on TV store – multiple products set up all over the house.

I try to test any new product for 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity and purchase value before I recommend it to readers, and I never recommend a product I don’t like. The funny thing is, during this time I usually have a note stuck to the fridge, the back of the front door, or on the bathroom wall to collect my thoughts. I thought it might be fun to share 3 Things I’m currently testing and my first impressions this week…

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sousvide supremesousvide supreme

SousVide Supreme
The SousVide Supreme is the a water oven that allows home cooks to use the gourmet sous vide cooking method in their kitchens. I was super interested in learning about sous vide cooking because it involves sealing the item you are cooking into a pouch and immersing it in water – this locks all the nutritional value of the food into the package. Plus, it’s a set and forget it kind of appliance. You seal the food, drop it in the preheated water bath, and then come back to it when it’s done; what busy mom can’t get behind that?

I’ve been playing with the sous vide for a few weeks and have finally started getting a feel for how long to cook chicken (that’s mainly what I’ve tried). Last week I made my dahi wala chicken (chicken in yoghurt) in the machine, and the kids loved it. We’ve still got some experimenting to do with the SousVide Supreme but I suspect it’ll get the seal of approval very soon!have fun with panjabi

Have Fun With Panjabi Books
I connected with the author of these books Kiran Lyall over Twitter, and she offered to send a couple for the kids to try out. Since teaching the littles Punjabi is a huge priority for me, I was super excited to test the books out.

The kids have been using the books for about two weeks and love to practice the phrases , and the animal names the most. The books provides simple translations for household items, relationships, fruit, vegetables, etc, and everything is written out phonetically. It’s definitely not going to make them fluent in Punjabi, but I love that it’s got them thinking about it. Since starting to work with the books they’ll ask me to translate other things for them throughout the day – how do you say watermelon, or ostrich in Punjabi mom, and I love it.essential oil

Chai Rose Essential Oil
You can see how behind I am on testing and writing about products because I picked up this custom blended oil at Escents in Coquitlam Centre in March! The lovely gals there blended the scented oil especially for me, and of course I chose chai and rose.

I love a soft floral perfume and have never used an essential oil purely for scent before – though I use them for medicinal uses and in my hair all the time. I’ve been using the oil on my wrists for the last few days and it’s pretty nice. Now I just have to test it on a really warm day (I have a weird quirk about testing perfume on a hot sticky day before committing to it).3 Things Thursday

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  1. May 7, 2015 / 8:56 am

    I love custom blended scents! I think testing it on a hot day gives you a feel for how it smells on you. Always a good thing :)

  2. May 7, 2015 / 9:16 am

    I think it’s so important to teach your kids the language of your family. My Hindi and Gujurati aren’t as good as they once were. And my Marathi is non-existent now. I definitely need to work on that… adding it to my list of goals for the year.

  3. salmadinani
    May 9, 2015 / 6:46 am

    that is definitely one of the fun things about being a blogger :) Sous Vide looks very cool!

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