3 Things Thursday: Easing In

Hello lovelies, it’s 3 Things Thursday and I’m back! A few weeks ago I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and messaged my two partners in crime Nisha & Salma and asked for a time out from the weekly link up. Of course they were gracious and understanding of my need to step away from work and take a breather. Honestly, giving myself an extra week off above our holiday week was awesome, but now that I’m back to work I’ve been feeling anxious and stressed out again. So my focus right now is on ‘easing in’. Rather than trying to tackle my inbox and blow through my to-do list I’m going to do a little extra every day until I feel caught up. That’s the thing about a holiday; it’s fun while you are away but sometimes you come back and find so much to do.

Not to worry though, I’ve got three things on my mind that are share-worthy! If you’d like to play along and join 3 Things Thursday, details are at the bottom of the post. 

AZ1_1959{They are adorable, but it’s time for them to go back to school!}

? Homeschooling
So the teacher’s have been on strike since early June in our province and as of this morning it’s not looking too likely that the kids will go back to school on Tuesday. So frustrating! My kids have been watching far too much TV and spending too much time on electronics. Not that our schedule really allows for it, but the Mr and I are thinking we need to come up with some sort of a homeschooling schedule (so not qualified for this). We are thinking maybe each of us can take 1.5 hours a day so they are at least spending some time on schoolwork. 

? Choosing Kindness
I’ve been dealing with a particularly difficult business situation and for the last few days and I’ve really struggled to face it with grace. In fact, the other day I sent a vague and slightly nasty tweet I’m not so proud of. As much as I try to operate from a compass of kindness and let karma do it’s job, sometimes I just really want to tell people where to go! So maybe I need a little homeschooling in kindness. Remember when teachers used to give us lines (is that even a punishment anymore?).

I will always choose kindness, I will always choose kindness, I will always choose kindness…

entrepreneur barbie{Me & my ‘careersake’ Barbie, do we look alike?}

? Entrepreneur Barbie
I have always loved Barbie; dressing her up, playing pretend, and combing her hair, they all make me happy. Z also loves Barbie, so I was thrilled to hear that they were launching an Entrepreneur Barbie earlier this summer! A couple months ago the princess was watching ‘Barbie’s Life in a Dreamhouse’ and came to me with the biggest eyes and said “Did you know Barbie had 135 careers! When I grow up I might choose like 25 careers because I want to be a business mom like you too.” My hear just melted when she told me that – oh my word, my kid actually wants to be like me!

So Z and I have been thrilled to play with Entrepreneur Barbie and even had many great conversations about what it means to be an Entrepreneur. Personally, I’ve been so impressed with Mattel’s marketing campaign for Entrepreneur Barbie and have been following her LinkedIn profile closely, and of course I’ll be Instagram stalking her during NY Fashion Week. 

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  1. salmadinani
    August 29, 2014 / 11:17 pm

    Glad to have you back from vacation and yes take it one day at a time! Can’t wait to read about the road trip :)

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