3 Things Thursday: Little Things

Hello summer & hello Thursday! I’m in a good mood today – the sun is shining, I’m feeling mildly organized for the first time in weeks, and an amazing work project came through yesterday! 

For the last few weeks I’ve been fretting about the fact that I’m not taking really special pictures for my 3 Things Thursday post, but the reality is that the things I want to share with you on Thursday are usually on my iPhone. The good news is, that is what 3 Things Thursday is all about; sharing the little things, the moments that happen in between the big stuff. It’s a good life lesson too – focus on and be thankful for the little things. 

So this week I’m sharing 3 ‘Little’ Things that make me happy!

prestige cosmetics lip crayon{Favourite lip colour & shameless plug of my adorable children}

1. The Ultimate Indian Party Lip Colour

I’m serious about this; this lip crayon by Prestige Cosmetics should probably be named ‘Desi Weddings’ but they chose to go with ‘Party Shine’ instead. I however will be wearing this to every Indian wedding party until the end of time. (Or until I get to that weird awkward age when Aunties are supposed to stop wearing bright lipstick).

It’s a gorgeous pink shade that I think is perfect for brown skin, and it actually has visible sparkles! I got this lip crayon as party of my sample goodies from the London Drugs Beauty event where over 80 products were featured, and it is hands down my favourite find from the night. In short – go check it out. I think you’ll love it!

makeup organization{I’m a tiny bit addicted to eyeliner and mascara}

2. Use What You’ve Got Organization

Lately my home has been looking like a war zone most days. The kitchen is being used to develop recipes for a new client, one side of my bedroom has been converted into a crafting station for another client’s DIY projects, and half the bathroom counter is occupied with a photography set-up. (Blogging is a glamorous biz!).

I was starting to think I needed to go to Ikea and buy a new cabinet, or hit up Bed Bath & Beyond for containers this weekend and then suddenly I was motivated to organize my beauty products at 10:30pm last night. I ended up grabbing some mismatched glassware that was on it’s way to the thrift store and getting a handle on all my eye pencils, mascaras, and lip glosses. Just that tiny sliver of organization helped my mood so much when I woke up!

little people{She comes up with those poses all by herself!}

3. Little People

One of the many nicknames I have for Zara is ‘Little People’. She really enjoyed playing with Fisher Price Little People as a baby, and is the smallest person in our family so it sort of stuck. Last week Little People and I went to a Ladies Sangeet party and it was so much fun watching her get ready! She is so dainty and graceful as she smooths her out, straightens her bindi, and reapplies her chapstick four times. 

I rarely stop and just watch her ‘in action’ because life is so busy, but since that night I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how she operates. How she adjusts her glass at the dinner table until it is perfectly positioned in relation to her plate, how she brushes her hair super carefully, and how she sits on the bathroom counter when she brushes her teeth (I only learned that one this week when I was snooping). 

Now it’s your turn to link up and tell me all about 3 Things that are on your mind this week. Just a few rules (well requests really). Please link back to one or all of the hostesses; Raj from Pink Chai Living {me}, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirchor Salma from The Write Balanceand share a link to your post not your blog’s home page. Feel free to use 3 Things badge in your post.



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  1. June 26, 2014 / 1:35 pm

    Great three things and seriously adorable kids!

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