3 Things Thursday: The Ouch Edition

So I went in to get some dental work done yesterday – I ended up having to get a tooth extracted and am now the proud owner of 4 stitches on my gum. I am working from bed so today’s 3 Things will be short & sweet. {I’m basically scrolling through my phone right now trying to find 3 interesting pics from last week}

american girl

One: The American Girl Salon
So call me crazy, but I took Zara and her doll Izzy to the American Girl Salon last weekend. We got her hair done and ear’s pierced for $32. The irony is, I can’t remember the last time I paid to have my own hair done. Was it worth it? Totally! I wouldn’t do it often but maybe a once a year visit to the salon and a special day out with the princess; that is totally ok. 


Two: Soup
It’s soup season and I’ve been making lots of it. The other day I made a delicious sweet bell pepper soup with coconut milk and Thai seasoning. Yum! It might be time to invest in hand held blender too .. it’s a bit messy making the transfer from the pot to the blender.

Three: Writing Job Descriptions
So, we are hiring a social media writer & content curator for Pink Chai Media, and some how I’ve found myself wearing the HR hat this week. I’ve been struggling to write a job description for days and am now trying to string together the words while under the influence of pain killers. If you are reading this and have experience working in the social media world (and are looking for work) I would love to chat with you…send me an email raj (at) pinkchaimedia.com



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  1. salmadinani
    October 5, 2014 / 8:35 pm

    The dentist is no fun at all, I hope you feel better soon! And Zara looks very happy so it looks like it was worth it :)

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