3 Things Thursday – All the Randomness

Two things; do I really need to give an update on what my week has been like when I’m posting my 3 Things on a Friday, and holy cow, how is it September 19th already ? Seriously some months you really do just blink and the month is gone!

I’m rushing a little today so I’m just going to jump into my 3 Things, if you want to play along details for linking up are below.

heer ranjha waris shah

? Heer Ranjha & Punjabi Poetry

I learned to read Punjabi as a kid but haven’t really used it, so earlier this summer I decided to start flexing my language muscles a little by reading poetry in Punjabi. It’s been a slow process, but I started reading Heer Ranjha (most epic love story ever) by Waris Shah about 6 weeks ago and I’m only half way done. It takes me time to read, re-read, and sometimes call my parents to ask the meaning of a passage, but it’s totally worth it. Looks like this fall and winter is going to be all about staying home and cuddling with chai and poetry; my new passion.

? A New Black Purse

This is my must find item for fall. I have a very small over the shoulder purse that I use when I travel and a large one that I use for my laptop when I’m working from a coffee shop or heading to a meeting but what’s missing is a medium sized every day option. Any suggestions?


? Food Bloggers Conference/Girls Trip

This weekend I’m attending the International Food Bloggers conference with my friend Rebecca, and as you can see from the pics above, it’s always mayhem when we get together! I rarely get to go trips with girlfriends and this is a double whamy as we are going to a conference about food and doing some outlet shopping! So excited!!


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  1. salmadinani
    September 19, 2014 / 8:39 am

    So excited for you and Rebecca for your trip and conference. Can’t wait to hear all the details when you get back!

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