3 Things Thursday: Things I’d Love to Buy

Now that we’ve gone through one month on our shopping ban, I’m happy to report that I’ve done better than I expected! In the month of January I only bought 3 Things for our family {ironic huh?} 

I was at Old Navy last week buying a baby gift (gifts don’t count in the shopping ban), and girl’s leggings were on sale for $4. Since Z’s legging collection was looking really ratty, I decided to bend the rules and bought 3 pairs. I also bought a pair of walking shoes and a crossbody bag for a trip I’m taking later this month. I honestly didn’t have a travel bag that would fit my iPad, and the shoes ended up being $8 because of BOGO. I feel a twinge guilty because I didn’t need the shoes – but I also like to have an extra pair when I’m doing a lot of walking.

Of course, there have been loads of things that I’ve passed up because of the shopping ban. I actually stood at Charming Charlie last week starting at {and lets be honest;petting} all the beautiful scarves that were on sale for $4.99. It’s hard to say no, but I’m committed. So this week I’m sharing 3 Things I really want to buy but can’t…

NARS Audacious Lipstick

? NARS Audacious Lipstick
Just before Christmas NARS launched a new collection of lipstick called Audacious. Since their ‘funny face’ is my absolute favourite colour, I couldn’t help taking a peek at the line when I was at GTC in early January doing a social media shoot. Bad move!

I basically need {well I guess want} every pink and fuchsia colour in this collection. 

I would rather be in india? I’d Rather be in India Pillows
This saying, these pillows, my couch. I don’t really think this even needs any further explanation – but what would I be if I wasn’t wordy?

I’ve been campaigning very hard for an amendment to the shopping ban rules and trying to convince Mr. T that the perfect home decor accessories should get an exception. I will keep you posted on how that goes. But seriously – that Taj Mahal pillow!

? Everything Kate Spade
Seriously guys, I’m obsessed with Kate Spade right now. I’m lusting after her cocktail rings, planning outfits to go with her pink bags, and dreaming about this balloon dress. I should really just take myself off the email list for the next few months….

Those are my 3 Things this week and now it’s your turn to link up! I’d love to read about the three things on your mind this week. It’s really easy to join in the fun; just grab the 3 Things Thursday badge, write a blog post, then link back to either one or all of hostesses; Raj (me) at Pink Chai Living, Salma at The Write Balance, or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch and link up below. It’s super easy and it’s a fun way to meet new people, get new readers to your blog and just share what’s happening in your world this week!

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