3 Things Thursday: This & That

What a week. Last week was a bit of a doozy – which is why my 3 Things post is so late. But the good news is – the school year is over! The bad news – the kids will probably be bored in about 1.5 days. Sigh.

Since I’m running behind, I’ll keep the banter to a minimum and just jump into my 3 Things. If you are a blogger and want to join us for the link-up there are directions at the bottom of this post.IMG_0264

1. Proud Mom
Armaan won a citizenship award this year and we couldn’t be prouder. As much as we value academics and education, we are pretty tough on our kids about instilling manners and kindness. It was kind of awesome to see him being recognized for being a good citizen and going above and beyond to help his classmates. Of course a true good citizen he had no idea it was coming and was totally surprised.

2. Pampers Better for Baby Video
As a P&G Mom I get sent links to all sorts of new products and campaigns, but this one really is one of the most adorable videos I’ve seen. I actually used to sing my kids a made up version of Hush Little Baby when they were tiny so this hit’s home for me. Check it out, but if you are a softie {like me} grab a tissue.

3. Summer Plans
We are busy making our summer plans and the kids have started a box called Friday Funday where they are putting their suggestions for things we can do every Friday. I guess mom and dad are taking three day weekends all summer! So far I’ve heard we are going for a nature walk, having lunch at milestones, and checking out the 100 flavour ice cream shop in Vancouver. What are you guys doing this summer?3-Things-Thursday-

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