3 Things Thursday: Week 84

Some weeks I get really stuck on what 3 Things to talk about. It’s not supposed to be hard; simply choose 3 things that you saw, ate, or did last week that were interesting, but it’s not as easy as it seems!

Thankfully I’m not in this 3 Things thing alone. About 5 minutes ago I sent Salma a FB message explaining that I had nothing to share, and she sent me some prompts. Thank goodness for good friends. 

If you are a blogger and would like to join the link up, directions are at the bottom of the post!henna cookies

One: Henna Inspired Cookies
Earlier this week I made an appearance on CTV Mornings and shared some fun DIY Diwali ideas including – henna inspired cookies. It was my first time working with flood icing, and piping such intricate designs. It was a bit of a process figuring out the icing consistency (which is something I might write about in the future), but in the end they turned out beautiful!la colours lipstick

Two: LA Colours Lipsticks
In one of my very first 3 Things posts I shared one of my favourite liquid eyeliners from a brand called LA Colours. Well know you can get an entire range of their products at
Funk n’Frost stores, and I’m in love with the Matte Velvet lipsticks! Such rich saturated colours for only $6.99 – what’s not to love?

Three:  Paper Plates
Generally I’m opposed to paper or foam dishes at indoor get togethers. I feel like it’s really poor form to invite someone to your home and serve them food on paper plates. I’ve always felt like it says – you aren’t quite important enough for the real silverware, but I was so wrong!! We served Diwali dinner on paper plates today and it was awesome. Once dinner was done, I got to sit. No washing dishes for another hour after the meal. I think paper plates are going to get a second chance at my house. 

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  1. November 12, 2015 / 5:40 am

    Paper plates can be such a blessing. I hate having to do a million dishes after dinner while everyone else relaxes and hangs out! If you’re having a super formal dinner, then I think it may not work, but if it’s with close family and friend, why not…they all get it!

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