This week I was really stuck on a topic for my video, and then Zara suggested a ‘Get to Know Me’ video. I had no idea what that meant, but the infinitely cooler than me 9 year old said it was a must for a new YouTube channel. 

Since she was so excited about the idea, I got her to interview me – and it was amazing! You know how every parent just assumes their kids are the smartest, and the cutest ever, pretty sure my kid just proved my assumption correct. Still don’t believe me, watch the video and let me know.

PS: This whole experience got me thinking about how smart and savvy this young generation is going to be. Maybe they don’t skip rope and play on the monkey bars as much as we do, but they make friends and connections all around the world every day. They are social, just in a different way than we were as kids. #eyeopener

Here’s the video:


About five years ago I started getting serious about annual goal setting, and one of the areas I took into consideration was the food my family eats. I know it sounds kind of silly to set goals and intentions around grocery shopping and meal plans, but it’s so important. aloo bhartha[Aloo bhartha – takes 20 minutes to prepare and the kids love it!]

What we eat and the fuel we put into our bodies is vital, yet so many of us treat our meals like an afterthought, or a nuisance even. (I used to). We take the time to educate ourselves on new apps and computer software but don’t really understand the ingredients in our foods – see any red flags?

I shared my family’s food goals in 2015 and 2016, and I’ve made some progress on both those lists, and there are some areas that still need work, but I’m not giving up. Maybe this is the year I hit all my goals! View Post


Remember how I told you last week that marriage shouldn’t be hard work. Well it is. #hypocritedsc_1766pinkchai[Me, the Mr, and the World’s Largest Carrot Cake at a work event recently]

Mr. T & I have been married for 15 years, and I think years 10-15 have been the hardest work. Don’t get me wrong, years 1-3 were hard, but in a different way. When you are first married, you have lots of fights [sorry, it’s true], and you feel like you married this total stranger, but it’s easy to reconnect after those fights. Maybe it’s because you are younger and don’t have kids that cause extreme exhaustion, but in the early days I just felt like ‘making up’ was easier.

As time goes on and you start a family, buy a house (experience the joy of mortgage payments), and you become accustomed to each other, it can be easy to lose each other in the shuffle. The Mr and I have gone through phases where for days on end all we talk about is; school lunches, field trips, putting gas in the car, and paying bills. We let everything but each other be the priority. View Post


running shoesMost of my life I’ve been on the small/skinny side of the scale. Even after having kids my weight stayed around the comfortable space of about 120-125 pounds. (I’m 5’4″ tall, and according to Health Canada my idea weight is 124-138). I honestly don’t know exactly how much I weighed because I haven’t owned a scale in years.

It’s not surprising then that I was completely shocked (and a bit traumatized) when all my clothes ‘shrunk’ this year. They weren’t just a little snug or uncomfortable, but too tight to wear. Somewhere around April/May this year I outgrew pretty much my whole wardrobe. I’d go to my closet to pick out a dress and it wouldn’t zip up. Or, I’d pull a skirt off a hanger only to realize it wouldn’t make it past my hips. I was depressed, angry, and frustrated – how had I gained so much weight in such a short period of time? View Post


We’ve all heard the expression ‘marriage is hard work’. I’ve never felt right about that saying – yes, it takes work to keep a marriage healthy, strong, and happy, but it’s not ‘hard’ work. To me it’s important work. And more than work it’s about discovery, exploration, and a building something together. pink chai living[Blast from the past]

I’ve been married 15 years (to the same guy, yay!), but it wasn’t always easy, and in the beginning it did feel like work. Sometimes it felt like going to a job I hated, and I think that had to do with my age (I was 20 when I got married) and some personal insecurities, and mostly because I had such a hard time talking to the Mr. in an open and honest way. 

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with relationship coach Tara Caffelle and ask her some questions about keeping my marriage happy and healthy. Of course my first instinct was to talk to her about my marriage today, but I thought there may be some readers that are earlier on in their married life/relationships, and my want some tips too. With that in mind I’ve turned this into a 2 part series. Today we are taking about newbies – you gals that are planning a wedding, or are newly married perhaps, and next week we’ll discuss the later years. View Post