Five on Friday

It’s Friday. I think you are supposed to be excited about this day of the week. For most people it announces the weekend. A time off of work; a time for blissful relaxing. I haven’t really had ‘weekends’ in about 5 years though. I’m self-employed and have worn my workaholic tendencies like a badge of honour. Weekends – pssht, they are are for the weak, I work 24/7. I’m living the hustle yo (I can’t even promise I’ve never actually said that last one).

However, as I mentioned in my last post, this whole 24/7 work business is no longer working for me. In an effort to regain some balance in my life I’m trying to introduce myself to an old friend; the lazy-ish weekend. (Because we all know I’ll never be a ‘do nothing’ person). Enter; another attempt at a blog series – five on Friday.

I’m going to try to capture five things that I’ve been thinking about or are on my mind all week and share them with you just before the weekend. A way to stay present all week and reminder to shut down for the weekend. I’m not really known for keeping up with weekly posts, but let’s give it another try.

1. Regaining my Weekends
{See above for details}


2. Diwali Party
So this weekend we are hosting a Diwali party and expecting anywhere between 25-30 people. Umm….we currently have enough seating for 14 people in the house. But my favourite nights involve friends squished up into a small living room sharing conversations.

3. Better Skincare
A couple of weeks ago I had my skin assessed by an amazing esthetician that works with Chorus Supernatural Skincare. She gave me a passing grade on moisture level (yay for drinking lots of water), but she did tell me my skin is 4 years older than I am! Ouch.

We talked at length about Chorus Supernatural products. They are made from natural ingredients, many of which are found locally right here in BC. This takes the 100 mile diet to a whole new level, because everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. I’ve had a chance to test out a few of their products in small doses, but I am really excited about a new product I picked up this week, the Polish facial scrub. I tested it during my skincare assessment and I loved how it made my skin feel. I’m going to add it into my routine this weekend and will keep you posted on how it works for me.

4. Big Bollywood Releases
So guys, I know the music of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is the bomb, and it’s trailer has been edited to perfection, but Shivaay is also releasing this weekend. I’ve been a fan of Ajay Devgan for years and cannot wait to see this one. 

5. Punjabi Jhuttis
I kind of fell down a rabbit whole the other day looking at Punjabi jhuttis on Instagram the other day, and I may or may not have ordered ‘a few’ online. That is all for now, pictures later.



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