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Okay, I know I said it was going to be 5 on Friday, but guys, sometimes I don’t have 5 things to share, and sometimes I have more. So after much debate between Friday Feels & Friday Vibes….I went with the later.

[I got a small portable laptop this week. I’ve been wanting a mini computer to carry between meetings/appointments for a while and finally bit the bullet.]

So this week’s vibe – it was all about organizing and minimizing. I generally don’t think of myself as a hoarder, but my closet and pantry have been telling a different story. I’ve spent some time everyday this week walking around the house with trash bags and just tossing (or adding to a donate pile) things that aren’t all that useful or important to me anymore. Purging is hard – because I really like my stuff – but it’s also strangely freeing. The hard part is going to be not buying more stuff to fill the empty space!

purging makeup
One area that I’ve purging ruthlessly is makeup, hair, and general beauty products. Between my personal tendencies to over-shop at the drugstore, and all the great products I receive to try out, this category is kind of out of control at my place. 

Truth is, I love makeup but really only use 7-10 items regularly. When it comes to skincare I’ve been researching different options and I think I’m finally ready to pick one product line and commit to it (will share more soon).

sweater haul

Stocked up on sweaters from Old Navy during  recent visit to Tsawwassen Mills mall. I know this seems like it would be in direct conflict with the talk about minimizing above, but it isn’t – trust me. 

My work life these days has me managing two roles at the agency, Creative Director, and Business Development. When I do bus dev meetings, events, etc, I wear pretty dressed up and professional looks, which my closet is well stocked for. But on days when I’m working creative from home or a coffee shop, or out shooting product pics for a client, I end up wrecking good dry clean only clothes, or slumming around in leggings. In an effort to reduce decision fatigue in the mornings and make my life generally easier, I’m trying to find 2-3 pairs of jeans and a mix of tees, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts (maybe 10-12 options?) and just pick from those. 

I know it might sound like a plan to shop some more but it isn’t. I’ve even put all my ‘corporate clothes’ in the closet and created some space in my drawers for ‘creative day’ clothes. 

red lentil pasta
red lentil pasta
nd just keeping it real by sharing one of my workday lunches from earlier this week. Guys, this pasta was so delicious! It’s gluten free and made from massra di dal (red lentils). It’s kind of perfect. 

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the weird rationalizations and dialogues that take place in my mind. How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend…leave a comment, let me know!




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  1. A~
    November 18, 2016 / 10:49 am

    Where did you find that pasta?

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