Lazy Day Survival Kit

lazy-day{Lazy Day Survival Kit: : cozy sweatshirt, lots of reads, iPad, eyemask & candy!}

Amongst my many crazy quirks, I have a very special problem – it is impossible for me to relax and just take it easy. It is a rare moment during the week that I’ll sit and just do nothing, I am the queen of multi-tasking; instagramming while cooking, mopping the floors while testing the kids for spelling words, running twitter parties while planning new outfits, etc, etc. It’s gotten to the point where I will feel actual anxiety if I sit down on the sofa and ever decide to watch a TV show, I feel like those are “wasted” moments. The problem with the ‘go go go’ mentality, it also makes me the burnout princess, always primped and ready for the next major meltdown. 

I’m Raj, I live in a pink bubble and I’m an adrenaline junkie. Always pushing myself just a little bit further, trying to finish one last project, check off one more item on my list – and eventually coming to a complete halt when my body shuts down. Although my symptoms are amplified because I have Hashimoto’s Disease (an auto-immune thyroid condition), I think all moms are guilty of pushing ourselves too hard and too far sometimes.

lazy-day-3{Manicures & Movies = Perfection!}

So I’ve declared today Lazy Saturday. This is a tradition I’m hoping to institute at least once a month moving forward. Today I will stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing related to work. (This post is going up at 10am PST time, so almost nothing work related!) Instead I will spend the day recharging my badly burned out batteries. This is no easy feat for me because there is laundry to do, blog posts to plan and client projects on deadline. Thankfully my dear friend Taslim reminded me yesterday that creativity does not run on burned out stale vibes, to be the best version of myself and produce my best work I need to sparkle! 

lazy-day-2{My ‘Lazy Day Survival Kit’ involves some reads from my favourite fashion girls: Lauren, Jessica and Rachel}

I hope you busy mamas will take some time this weekend to fill up your own cup…and now I’m off to put on a pot of tea and settle in for the first of a few favourite movies. 


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  1. August 11, 2013 / 7:26 pm

    I’d love to adopt this policy. Unfortunately when I need someone to watch the kids so I can do it. Which doesn’t always without a shift worker spouse. But perhaps we need to make a plan so that I can; because I admit the creative vibe is a bit burned out lately. And a pot of tea and a good movie sounds perfect.

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