35 Before 35 Update

So it dawned on me the other day that I’m only 7 months shy of my 35th birthday. For some reason the number 35 is giving me a little anxiety. The last time I felt age anxious was on my 25th birthday (how ridiculous!) 

raj thandhi pink chai

A few years ago (October 2013), I made a list of 35 things I wanted to to before my 35th birthday. I think it’s time to do a little check in with myself on how that’s going. Advance warning this is a long post! {Click the links to read all about the completed adventures} 

If you want to know the final tally for how many are done, check out the end of the post!

1. Make a fascinator and wear it somewhere fancy – Haven’t even started! {Not Started}

2. Print and organize our family photos – I bought some albums and started printing pictures earlier this year. I’ve even gone through several memory cards and deleted photos! I would say I’m 20% done this one. {In Progress}

3. Make a video of my best in the world chai recipeDone, and I think I killed it! {Done}

4. Become a really good conversationalist (really listen to what people are saying) – I’m totally still a conversation hog. This is something to work on over the summer. {In Progress}celebrating maghi

5. Host a New Year’s Eve party – This one didn’t really happen exactly like I expected but I’m saying done, because this Lohri/Maghi party was one of my favourite dinner parties and the start of a new year! {Done}

6. Grow a kitchen garden or keep a plant alive – I’ve failed twice at this one. Maybe I’ll try planting something in the summer. {In Progress}

7. Learn to make macaron – {Done!}

8. Repair a broken relationship – The one I wanted to repair I’ve actually decided is something I have to leave up to the Universe now (I’ve done my part), However, someone I never expected to speak to again recently came back into my life, and that relationship is on the mend … so we’ll call this one amended or adjusted? {Amended & Done}

9. Take an outfit photo at the Eiffel Tower – No plans yet {Not Started)

10. Launch my super secret biz projectCheck!  And the best part; launched with a friend. {Done}

11. Buy a real painting not a print – This one just gives me the warm and fuzzies. Shortly after I wrote this list, the phenomenal Kirn Gill offered to paint me a custom piece of canvas art. She even added lyrics from my favourite Punjabi song, ‘Shaunkan Mele Di’. {Amended & Done}

12. Create a new family tradition – I totally owe you girls a post on this, but it’s done – I promise!

13. Write a book proposal find an agent – Happy to report I found the story for my novel in India, so this is finally moving forward. {In Progress}

14. Teach my kids conversational Punjabi – I’ve super failed at this and I’m embarrassed to say there has been almost no movement here {Not Started}AZ0_1838web

15. Personalize my home – Getting there. I’ve painted, put up a family photo wall, and have a few other personalization projects on the go. {In Progress}

16. Complete a Project 365 – I’ve failed twice at this one and I’ve decided to take it off  my list. It’s just not fun any more. {Removed}

17. Learn to do a smokey eye – Thank you YouTube! {Done}

18. Start a journey of self love – Making some serious progress on this one. {In-Progress}

19. Get wrist tattoos – I’ve thought about this one a lot lately and I think I’m actually going to  get my tattoo on just one wrist, but I haven’t even started researching where to go or who to work with, because I’m chicken. AZ1_1861

20. Take really special family photosThey couldn’t have been better! {Done}

21. Run in a 5K – Since writing this list I’ve had a fair share of back and leg muscle issues and my health doesn’t allow me to keep this one on the list. {Removed}

22. Print my own fabric – {Not Started}

23. Take a family vacationWe did this last year, and have another one in the works for this year. {Done}

24. Find my signature cocktail – Hello Blueberry Tea! {Done}floral-crown

25. Watch the Nutcracker Ballet – I never ended up going to the Nutcracker, but I did watch Romeo & Juliet by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and it was amazing! {Amended & Done}

26. Unplug for a whole week – So, I didn’t exactly unplug for the whole week, but I did spend 10 days in India with extremely limited internet access & didn’t log on for work at all so I’m giveing myself a pass on this one! {Done}

27. Make a personal brand website – Had a meeting about this today, it is actually rolling. {In Progress}

28. Go to a wine tasting – I recently went to a wine tasting organized by the Vancouver International Wine Festival, it was an interesting experience, and something I’ll write about soon. {Done}

29. Have high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria – I was in Victoria in November and had high tea all booked, but then I ended up wandering the city and having the most amazing Earl Grey tea latte at a local tea shop. That was an amazing couple of days and just the best tea ever, so I actually cancelled high tea!

Getting away to Victoria and having a break ended up being a really special experience, and better than high tea! {Amended & Done}

30. Write letters to my kids – This very personal project is coming along slowly but surely. {In Progress}

31. Take updated photos in my wedding outfit – {Not Started}

32. Buy a new tea set – I have my eye on New Country Rose by Royal Albert, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet! {Not Started}

33. Get business cards I love giving out – {Not Started}

34. Take a Greek cooking class – {Not Started}

35. Complete 35 random acts of kindness – {Done}

So what’s the final tally?

Removed from the list – 2
Amended – 4
In Progress – 8
Not Started – 8
Done -15

I have to admit, I’m not sure I’ll make it through the whole list before my 35th birthday, but it’s still a lot of fun trying!



  1. tazim2013
    March 23, 2015 / 7:43 pm

    This is awesome – I’m turning 35 at the end of June and started a 35 by 35 list in November. I’m going to do a new one (36 by 36) afterwards.

  2. March 23, 2015 / 8:21 pm

    Awesome stuff! I particularly like that your sourced a favorite cocktail. What were the runner ups? I’m always a fan for a classic mojito, moscow mule and a silver cloud! All the best!

    • March 24, 2015 / 8:54 am

      I’m also a fan of champagne cocktails, and old fashioned martinis.

  3. salmadinani
    March 28, 2015 / 9:43 pm

    Pretty good progress on your list!

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