4 Years and Counting…

pink chai livingFour years ago today I started my blog. I had no idea how to purchase my own domain name, or any clue about search engine optimization – what I knew was; I needed to do something, anything to break me out of the horrible rut I was in. 

All day I’ve been trying to write something prolific and deep to sum up how blessed I feel for the opportunities this blog has brought me, and how amazed I am that people actually come back here day after day to read what I have to say.

Unfortunately {or fortunately} my feelings are getting the better of me today and I can’t quite find the words to articulate them, so … I’d just like to say thank you. If you are reading these words right now, you are the reason this blog exists, you are the reason that I keep writing, and you are a rockstar. So go on, enjoy your Saturday and treat your awesome self to a cupcake, because you deserve it.

From the bottom of my heart; thank you for being a part of my blogging journey, and Happy Valentines Day!


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