5 Tips for Growing Your Hair


Over the weekend I had about 4 inches  cut off the bottom of my hair. I’ve been trying to grow out some old uneven layers for the last year or so and I was finally at the place where cutting some off the bottom would even things out. Since I’ve gotten quite attached to long hair over the last few years, I was hesitant to cut it, but thankfully, my hair grows at a pretty quick rate so I took the plunge. 


Even the hairdresser mentioned that my hair grows pretty quickly and has minimum breakage lines; she wanted to know how I manage that! I’m not really sure which or any of my tips are the key to hair growth, but I do know that my hair grows more than a quarter of an inch each month (which is the average for hair growth). So if you are trying to grow out an old cut, here are 5 tips for growing your hair

? Give Yourself a Weekly Scalp Massage. 
I’ve talked before about my love of hair oils and my weekly oiling treatment, and I still believe this plays a big role in my hair growth. People often talk about the importance of trimming your ends for growth, but new hair comes out of your scalp! Massaging your scalp with oil, or even in the shower increases blood flow and brings more nutrients to the roots of your hair – where growth actually happens.

? Take Your Vitamins
Most people know that what you eat affects your skin and hair, but I’ve found that taking vitamins also helps my hair. I’m no medical professional, but I did start taking a vitamin developed for hair, skin, and nails last year because my nails were breaking all the time, and since I started it my nails are stronger and I have almost 70% less hair fall than I used to. 

? Braid Your Hair at Night
Some people think this is an old wive’s tail, but when I braid my hair at night, I wake up with much less hair on my pillow. I’m convinced that when I leave my hair open it breaks more, and broken hair is weaker and less likely to grow. 

? Use Good Quality Elastics
Repeat after me; I will never use an elastic band intended for office supplies in my hair! (I have actually seen this multiple times). Also avoid those cheap elastics with the metal closure, if your hair catches in the metal part it will break. My go-to elastics are Goody Ouchless Elastics, for me and Z. 

Bonus tip – If you wear ponytails a lot , don’t tie the pony at the exact same spot every day – this will create a breakage line in your hair. Try to lower the pony sometimes!

? Learn to Use Your Hair Tools Correctly
Some people might find this a bit vain or time-consuming, but I really like to learn about the products I’m using on my skin and hair. When was the last time you researched hair brushes to find out which one is best for your hair type? Yes it’s easier to buy a hairbrush for a dollar, but if you knew that a $15 hair brush would last you 3-5 years and cause less breakage, would you invest in it?

Here are a few other tips about styling tools you might not now:

  • wide tooth combs are meant for gently removing knots from wet hair (never use a brush on wet hair!)
  • using the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer will create less frizz on your hair and you’ll need less product.
  • there is multiple heat settings on your straightener and curling iron – you might not need to use it on high every time. (Also, never use heat tools on wet hair!)

What I’m getting at here is that it’s your hair – learn what works best for it, understand the tools and products you are using on it, and be gentle with it! It’s the only hair you have for the rest of your life, you might as well learn to work with it!

PS: Let me know if you liked this post and if you would like to see any other posts on hair care, or if you have any particular questions!




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  1. October 19, 2014 / 8:55 pm

    Great tips! I love my hair long and recently got it cut shorter than I would have liked. Your blog reminds me, I need to spend some me time and give myself a scalp massage regularly, to promote growth and fitt that invigorating feeling… Thanks for sharing!

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