A Morni Themed Crafternoon with Bounty

Crafting is pretty much an every day thing at the Pink Chai house. Zara and I usually have at least two or three projects going at a time, and our craft supply closet is pretty much bursting at the seams these days. Crafting with kids is messy and time consuming, but I love watching them create, and seeing the pride they feel for their finished projects. Recently I was given the opportunity to host a crafternoon for some of Zara’s friends with a little clean-up help from Bounty, and obviously I said yes.bounty crafternoon, pink chai livingbounty crafternoon, pink chai living

I’ve never hosted a crafting party before (unbelievable right?), but one thing I know about parties is; they have to have a theme! We decided to go with morni (peacock) as our theme. I’m a huge fan of peacocks, they offer up a beautiful colour scheme, and the morni is the national bird of India, so it seemed like a perfect fit. I found some bright aprons at my local dollar store and used some pieces to create peacock appliques for the front. Each guest got an apron when they arrived, and the first thing we did was dig into some cupcakes that had a peacock inspired look. bounty crafternoon, peacock theme, pink chai livingbounty crafternoon, peacock themed apronsbounty crafternoon, peacock theme, pink chai living

Peacock Pictures:
The first craft I set-up for the girls was a simple peacock picture made with tear drop shapes I had already cut out. I cut out two large teardrops for the body and head and showed the girls how to position them on the side of the paper to leave space for the tail, and then I pretty much let them go for it. This is a pretty basic craft that any one can do, but it still allowed the girls to get creative and create their own patterns and look for their peacocks. I didn’t want to set up a craft that was very intricate or difficult; the idea is to have fun, not frustrate the little guests.bounty crafternoon, morni themeMy sample morni above and a selection of shapes and colours for the girls to create with belowbounty crafternoon

Once the girls were happy with their morni, I let them go at it with glitter and add some sparkle to their pictures – which of course meant they got glitter everywhere, but crafternoons are meant for getting messy!bounty crafternoonbounty crafternoon

Cupcake Decorating:
Our second activity was cupcake decorating. I filled up some resealable bags with brightly coloured icing and cut a small hole in the corner. To make it easier for the girls to work with the icing, I kept it in the fridge until just before we were going to use it. This causes it to stiffen up a little and makes it much easier to work with. bounty crafternoon, peacock cupcakes

I did make one sample cupcake for the girls and give them some tips on holding the bag and piping the icing, but after that I pretty much let them go for it. There was only one decorator at my table that decided to follow the prototype and everyone else pretty much did their own thing – but everyone had fun. One tip; if you are using coloured icing, keep the Bounty paper towels close by. Coloured icing can stain little fingers so make sure the kids are wiping their hands while icing. bounty crafternoon, peacock cupcakesbounty crafternoon, peacock cupcakes

Tips for Hosting a Kids Crafternoon:
With summer holidays right around the corner, I know I’ll be hosting more crafternoons, and if you decide to join in the fun, here are some tips for keeping things fun, and keeping the messes to a minimum. 

Encourage the kids to wear old clothes, or have some aprons or art smocks on hand 
Kids are going to get dirty, this one is pretty self-explanatory

Pick one or two activities only for a party
I feel like two activities was the perfect amount of entertainment for eight year old girls. Just one might have wrapped up too quickly, and any more than two, was too much for the girls and mom!

Cover your table with something that can be thrown out
I used washi tape to put some coloured tissue paper down and create a work surface that could just be rolled up and thrown out when we were done. 

Keep the Bounty paper towels handy
You knew this one was coming right? Let’s be honest though – four little girls, several packets of glitter, and DIY frosted cupcakes call for a lot of paper towels! I’ve tried using generic paper towels and other brands, but really Bounty is sturdier, and definitely worth the splurge. (I also found some coupons online if you need to stock up this weekend!)bounty crafternoon

If you want to check out more behind the scenes action from our Bounty Crafternoon, check out the adorable video below by Aziz Dhamani Photography. {You can also follow this pinterest board I created for more tips, and project ideas for your next crafternoon}. 

And of course….we had to take a selfie!bounty crafternoon

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  1. June 13, 2015 / 3:16 am

    This is a super cute craft! I love their peacock designed aprons too!

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