Hiya! I’m Raj, the girl behind the blog. Pink Chai Living is a diary of my creative pursuits, cultural explorations, and general thoughts on life & relationships. For seven years I’ve used this space as a digital scrapbook; documenting my interests, travels, crafting experiments, outfit inspirations, and culinary adventures. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a creative. Whether it was designing a weekly neighbourhood newspaper in elementary school, endless hours of dance practice in my teens, or trying to teach myself intricate embroidery patterns as an adult, my creative pursuits have stretched far and wide. These days I can most likely be found styling visuals for social media, designing logos, or writing copy for social media.

When I’m not blogging or working on client projects I can most likely be found curled up with a book, telling the worst knock-knock jokes to my kids, or in my kitchen recreating one of my grandmother’s recipes. This is where I live my life, at the intersection of motherhood, creativity, and entrepreneurship.


Wanna chat? Feel free to email me at raj{at}pinkchaimedia.com. You can also find me posting awkward selfies on Instagram.