about pink chai living



Hello lovely! Got questions? I might have answers! You can also email me if there is something I’ve missed at raj{at}pinkchaimedia.com.

How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in February 2011. (Almost 5 years!)

Why did you start blogging?
Originally I started blogging so I could share my daily outfit photos and reconnect with my love of fashion. I was also in a bit of slump and was looking for a project to get me motivated. You can read all about this in my very first post here.

Why don’t you share outfit photos anymore?
I do share the occasional fashion photo, however, the focus of the blog has shifted more to lifestyle based content since 2013. I guess I was just ready to move onto fashion and embrace another passion of mine – preserving the Indian culture.

What’s that bright pink lipstick you wear? 
My all-time favourite pink was actually a limited edition colour by MAC called No Faux Pas, but two similar shades I wear quite often in pics are Funny Face by Nars, and Fifth Avenue Fuchsia by Maybelline. 

What camera do you use/Who takes your pictures?
Before Nov 2014 almost all of the pictures on the site were taken by me or my husband using our Cannon T3 camera, or our Lumix point and shoot. Since then I have begun working with a photographer and any pics by him are credited at the bottom of each post, otherwise it is still me and my iPhone or Cannon.

How old are you?
I will be 35 in October 2015. 

Tell me about your family?
I’m married to an awesome guy often referred to as Mr. T on the blog, he’s also my business partner. I also have two awesome kids; Armaan (the boy) who is 11, and Zara (the princess) who is 8.