Aging Responsibly and Protecting Your Family with #InsuranceThatFits

I’m about three months shy of my 35th birthday, and I’d like to say that I’m totally okay with the impending milestone; but I’m not. I’ve never really been the type of person that was affected by aging – it’s just a number after all, but this year feels different. 35 seems so adult, so mature, and so close to 40! (Sorry to all my 40+ fabulous readers, just keeping it real here).td insurance that fits

The last 34 years have been pretty awesome; I had a fun childhood, married my very first sweetheart, had two kids, and have a kind of amazing job – yes I’m glossing over the tough parts, but you get the point. For some reason though, every time I think about turning 35 I get a little bit of anxiety over my future. Have I made enough progress in my career to achieve all my crazy work goals before I retire? Are we saving enough money to send the kids to university? I find myself thinking about things like RRSPs, RESPs and life insurance more often than runway fashions, makeup trends, and home décor ideas these days; is that a sign of old age?

The other day I was remembering the first time Mr. T and I had the “life insurance conversation”. We were starry-eyed newlyweds with almost nothing to our names, and pretty sure that we were going to live happily ever after until we were at least 90 & 97, or pretty close. But we bought life insurance because our financial advisor told us that it was the responsible adult thing to do. Over the years, we’ve diligently paid into those policies and increased them as we were advised when our first child was born, then our second, and as our assets have grown. That’s what responsible adults do right, make sure that the people they love are taken care of in the event that the ‘unthinkable’ insurance that fits

The ironic thing is, in the 14 years we’ve been married we have been lucky enough not to have any friends have to cash in their life insurance policies, but we’ve seen a fair number of people around us struggle with sudden unexpected injuries and critical illnesses. One of our friends had to have open heart surgery in his early 30’s and another had a cancer scare not too long ago. Of course my aging and suddenly very adult self is now very concerned with being prepared for the other more likely unthinkable – being diagnosed with a critical illness while our children are still young.  

As much as we don’t want to think about it ladies, if you are reading this post, it’s more likely that either you or I will be diagnosed with cancer or suffer from a heart attack or stroke than die while our children are young and dependent on us. (The statistics say one in two Canadian women will be affected by cancer, heart attack, or stroke). On the upside though, advances in science and medicine are helping victims beat illnesses like never before. So you better believe I’ll be dancing to the latest bhangra beats at my kids’ weddings, and spoiling my grandchildren like nobody’s business!td insurance that fits

In preparation for writing this post, I did my research on the health statistics and a variety of critical illness insurance options, and I can honestly say; bundling critical illness insurance with your mortgage insurance, which TD offers, seems like the best option to me. We are currently between houses (the perfect place in the perfect neighbourhood eludes us), but I can’t believe we didn’t think about critical illness insurance when we owned our last home! For most couples we know there is no bigger asset than your home, and I can’t even imagine being sick, and worrying about mortgage payments. TD Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance may pay out a lump sum based your insurance level and claim in the event of illness, so you can concentrate on your health and recovery.

TD Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance is only available with TD Mortgage Life Insurance and may pay up to $500,000 on approved claims. The best part for me is that it’s bundled in with your mortgage payment every month, and is based on your age at the time you apply and value of your mortgage – your premiums don’t increase with age. TD Critical Illness is not ‘ageist’, which makes a girl like me, who may or may not be worried about aging feel a whole lot better.

When we purchase our next home, I know where to find #InsuranceThatFits…now I just need to find a birthday dress that fits! (How I feel about aging and dress sizes is a whole other blog post).

Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by TD Insurance as part of the #InsuranceThatFits blogger program. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.”




  1. August 24, 2015 / 3:59 pm

    I remember how I felt about turning 35. It did feel different than other birthdays, so much so I decided to cut my hair really short. Looking back, I should have bought hair insurance. My new ‘boy’ cut was a disaster!

    • August 26, 2015 / 8:25 am

      Oh boy! I’ve had one too many bad hair cuts do to emotional distress. I have a new rule, if I feel like cutting my hair I need to sleep on it before actually going to the salon.

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