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Walking with Nanak: Book Review

Walking with Nanak is a book that would appeal to anyone with an affinity for Sikhi and Guru Nanak Devji, but it will also appeal to history buffs. Like thousands of other Sikhs I’ve dreamed of visiting Nankana, the birthplace…


Sunday Journal #01: Having the Health Talk With A Friend

Is there someone in your life that you love and care about, but they drive you crazy because they are so irresponsible with their health? Working long hours, taking on too much at work and home, and then probably ignoring the warning…


How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination? (Plus 12 Places on My Wishlist Currently)

Throw darts at a map? Spin the globe and go wherever your finger lands? Or maybe look at the most trending locations to visit according to Conde Naste? How is one supposed to choose their next travel destination with so…


A Night at the Royal BC Museum

It’s no secret that I love museums (and libraries, antique shops, or old filing cabinets full of forgotten paperwork). Any afternoon that connects me to history, art, or language is perfection, but a night at the museum with my kids,…


My Lohri Tablescape & Decor

This weekend my family will be celebrating Lohri the same way we have for the last few years. I make a pot of saag, and then we bring it over to our friends Johnny & Lisa’s house, where Lisa makes…


I’m Not Setting Any Goals This Year, How About You?

Do you set New Year’s goals? I used to make resolutions and follow a goal setting system like it was gospel, but this year I feel really different. I’m ready to ease up on myself a bit and set some…


DIY: Personalized Glitter Ornaments with Punjabi Names

Hands up if you remember all the personalized ‘stuff’ of the 80’s and 90’s? You could get your name on anything from a water bottle and pencil sharpener, to a toothbrush and comb. Well in theory you could, unless your…


Making Custom Clothing with the Easy Press 2

A popular dinner time topic at my house is, ‘if we had a t-shirt business, this is a saying we should put on the shirts’. For years, my husband and kids have talked about this. I think it might have…


Turkey Manchurian: Recreating a Favourite

Turkey Manchurian? No it’s not a ‘thing’ but I made it one. Here’s the story behind the recipe … Food memories are powerful. I think it has to do with the fact that they combine all your senses – tastes,…


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