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Diwali Timbits aka Mango Cream Cheese Filled Donut Holes

I can still remember the exact moment I tried a cream stuffed gulab jamun for the first time. It was about 11 years ago at my little sister’s Roka ceremony. Her mother in law had brought the most amazing assortment…


Being Punjabi – The Museum of Surrey

Being Punjabi. What does it mean to you? Speaking the language? Eating Punjabi food? Belonging to the great province of 5 rivers that was haphazardly divided by the infamous Radcliffe line? I hadn’t really thought much about what it means…


Ikea Dining Table Hack: Inspired by India

I have a weird obsession with dining tables. Every place we’ve ever lived in since getting married (which has been a lot of places), I’ve always prioritized buying or upgrading our dining table before any other furniture. Even though we…


Rasmalai Shortbread Cookies

Huge confession folks; I’m not really a cookie person. Ironic, since I love baking them! That being said, there is one type of I do love, shortbread cookies. Which is why I’m super excited to share today’s Diwali cookie box…


DIY Bollywood Quote Candles

Bollywood quote candles. This was one of my first DIYs for the blog, but still one of my favourites. Bringing it out of the archives just in time for Diwali. I love making these up for Diwali party favours and…


Blog Post Ideas: My Secret Trick for Finding Them

Do you ever find yourself stuck when you are trying to come up with new blog post ideas? I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years, but I often find myself out of ideas when I open my calendar and try…


Diya Shaped Chai Spice Sugar Cookies

What could be more Diwali than diya cookies? Maybe diya shaped chai spice sugar cookies! (That’s kind of a mouthful I know.) [Diya cookies are the first in our Diwali Cookie Box series. To see the full box, and for…


The Ultimate Diwali Cookie Box

It’s that time of the year! There’s a chill in the air, the sweatshirts are coming out, and the festive season is creeping up on us. That’s why we are getting a head start at prepping with our Diwali Cookie…


How to Prep for a Busy Week Ahead {My Sunday Routine}

It’s 9am on Sunday morning. The kids & Mr are still sleeping. I’ve been out for a quick walk, had a cup of coffee, answered some insta story questions, and now it’s time to tackle the Sunday scaries. You know…


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