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My Bibi’s Shawl: Repurposed & Preserved

Today would have been my Bibi’s 88th birthday. But if she were here with us, we probably wouldn’t have celebrated it. Not because we didn’t love her (or any excuse for a party), she just never would have allowed it.…


The January List: Watch, Read, Eat

One of my favourite things about January is, it is totally acceptable to be a little lazy and sluggish. There is no pressure to make plans for the weekend or pack your social calendar. Everyone understands the post holidays lull.…


DIY Handwritten Balloons

These DIY Handwritten Balloons are  so simple, I almost didn’t post them. Guys, it’s balloons that I wrote on with a Sharpie!! I know a lot of people aren’t into balloons anymore (how 1990’s), but I kind of secretly love…


Chole Patty Burgers {Chickpea Burgers}

So you might be wondering where this chole patty burger recipe came from? Most of the recipes in the archives are meat based, but you might be surprised to know, I grew up in a mostly vegetarian home. My mom…


Update Old Chudiyan with Nail Polish {DIY Painted Chudiyan)

If you are anything like me you probably have a bin full of chudiyan/vanga (desi bangles) under your bed, or tucked into the back of your closet. Most of mine were bought to go with an Indian outfit at some…


Yes, It Will Be Hard, But You Should Still Watch Chhapaak

When the trailer for Chhapaak first released, I was unsure if I would watch it. I’m highly sensitive to films and books that highlight crimes against women. Some of my sensitivity comes from triggers in my own past, and some of…


Punjabi Saag Recipe: Step-by-Step (With Video)

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally recorded the step-by-step process for my Punjabi saag recipe! I was super hesitant about sharing this one because there are so many great recipes on the internet already, and it was…


Easy Lohri Table Decorations: Step-by-Step

It’s no secret that I love to entertain. Nothing makes my heart as happy as a full house, lively conversation, and full bellies. I love parties so much that this year I even chose Celebrate as my word of the…


Jaggery Caramels (Gur Candy) for Lohri

Every year my mom brings us ‘Lohri’. She says it’s tradition for parents to send peanuts, gur, atte de biscuit, and rewri to a married girl’s home on the holiday. As much as I hate the desi concept of girls…


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