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My husband and I have this long running joke. It goes something like this: Me: I’m going to win the lottery, buy an island, and run away! Husband: You actually have to buy a ticket to win the lottery. ?…


Bhindi Sabzi Punjabi Style (Bhindi Masala)

Bhindi Sabzi (Punjabi Style) – pulling this recipe out of the archives because it’s comfort food season. There are a handful of Punjabi recipes that I just know by heart. You know the ones where you can move through the  motions…


Great Mosque of Paris: An Unexpected Detour

It’s taken me nearly two years, but I’m finally sharing one of my favourite travel stops ever, the Great Mosque of Paris. Pretty much my whole life I’ve kept a mental list of places I read about and became interested in.…


7 Tips for Growing Your Hair

The most common questions I get on Instagram are always about my hair care routine, hair styling tips, and most recently tips for growing hair. Honestly friends, I can’t take all the credit for having hair that grows well –…


Turkey Momos: The Perfect Appetizer

When I was planning my Diwali party menu this year, the biggest struggle I was having was coming up with interesting appetizers that aren’t too heavy. That’s when the idea for turkey momos came to me!  They are bite-size, full…


Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Chocolate covered fortune cookies are such a simple and fun treat for Diwali! I wanted to include them in our Diwali Cookie Box because they are interactive. My favourite part of dinner at our local Indo-Chinese place is always when…


Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies with Henna Designs

Just say chocolate & gingerbread and I’m sold. It could literally be any type of food and I would try this flavour combo. When Anjlee suggested her favourite chocolate gingerbread cookies for our Diwali Cookie Box, it was an instant…


Diwali Timbits aka Mango Cream Cheese Filled Donut Holes

I can still remember the exact moment I tried a cream stuffed gulab jamun for the first time. It was about 11 years ago at my little sister’s Roka ceremony. Her mother in law had brought the most amazing assortment…


Being Punjabi – The Museum of Surrey

Being Punjabi. What does it mean to you? Speaking the language? Eating Punjabi food? Belonging to the great province of 5 rivers that was haphazardly divided by the infamous Radcliffe line? I hadn’t really thought much about what it means…


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