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3 Easy Holi Traditions to Start This Year

Holi is not a festival that I grew up celebrating, but man did I want to. All the Bollywood songs made it seem like so much fun! Everyone is drenched in colour from head to toe, people are throwing coloured…


Rainbow Idli: A Holi Treat for Kids

Looking for a simple yet fun way to add a little Holi spirit to your kid’s lunchbox? This quick hack transforms a basic idli into a rainbow idli, which in the eyes of a kid makes it ten times more…


The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Book Review (3/52)

x The Reluctant Fundamentalist, the name of this book itself made me a little reluctant to read it. I’d read it in lists of must read books, and new it had inspired a movie, but I never felt inclined to…


L’Oreal Root Cover Up: Favourite Find

Every once in a while I come across a product that is so amazing I must share it with you guys. (I wouldn’t be a good girlfriend if I didn’t share my drugstore finds would I?) Today’s find is L’Oreal…


Rainbow Balloon Wall: Holi Photo Backdrop

Recently I found myself scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest (happens all the time), and my scroll stopped on this beautiful rainbow balloon wall by Sweet Lulu blog. Since I’ve been wanting to do something fun & non-messy for for Holi with…


Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows: Book Review {2/52}

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, that’s a book you don’t want your mom to catch you reading. Or at least I don’t want my mom to catch me reading. The thing is, I grew up in a conservative Punjabi family…


7 Lessons I Learned From My Best Friend Dale

Not many people truly understood my friendship with Dale. Strangers often looked at us suspiciously when we were out. Maybe it would have helped if we had the same skin colour and people could imagine us as mother and daughter?…


DIY Heart Print Dupatta

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve been feeling the itch to do a heart inspired DIY. Since I love pairing dupattas as scarves with my outfits, a potato print project was perfect. This heart print dupatta originally belonged to…


The Bones of Grace: Book Review {1/52}

The Bones of Grace is the third book in Tahimima Anam’s Bengal Trilogy. It was an unlikely book for me to choose off the bookshelf, but I had read an op-ed by Anam in the New York Times shortly after…


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