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Copy Cat (or Monkey)

{Top: Charlotte Russe, Pants: Old Navy, Shes: Payless} I was totally stuck on how to wear these pants, and was secretly regretting including them in my 30 for 30 items until I saw this outfit on Monkeyface. It was so simple but…


Pink Ballerina Skirt

Cardigan: Forever 21, Tee Shirt: Smart Set, Skirt: Unknown (thrifted), Shoes: Payless This pink ballerina skirt reminds me of that infamous one that Carrie Bradshaw wears in the opening credits of Sex and the City. I always loved how she…


Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Dress: Michel Klein, Cardigan: Gap, Belt: Urban Behavior Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary, so a date night was definitely in order. The funny thing is, we decided to have date night with the kids, my parents, and sisters. We…


Outfit: Spring Dress & Denim Jacket

Dress & Jacket: Sirens, Shoes: Payless I desperately needed a break from my over-zealous purging and organizing today, so I headed out for a little window shopping and brain break with my cousin. I had no intention of buying anything…


Updated Home Office

As mentioned earlier this week, we are currently living in a  two bedroom rental and my office is located at the foot of our bed. Until a few days ago it looked like this: (If you are a feng shui expert…


Project 365 – No Sweatpants Allowed!

I’m a mom and I hate sweatpants. Honestly, I can’t stand seeing people wear them anywhere but the gym. I especially can’t understand why they have become the national uniform for motherhood. Whenever I question my mom friends about this…


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