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Proud to Be Canadian x MAC Cosmetics Review

It’s no secret that I love a bold red lip. For years I’ve been preaching Russian Red by MAC as the must-have red lipstick for Indian skin. I’ve tried many other drugstore brands, and even high-end lipsticks but always come…


Reusing Indian Wedding Outfits: Reception Lehenga

There is never going to be a piece of clothing as special as your wedding or reception joda, yet so many desi girls just let their wedding outfits waste away in the back of the closet or under the bed.…


My 3 Step Decorating Process {Video}

Ever found yourself with an empty space to decorate? Or maybe you have a tired looking room that needs a refresh? Whatever the case, decorating can be an overwhelming experience. I still shudder when I think of all the decor…


What I Wore: Esha’s Engagement

If you’ve been following my Insta stories lately, you know that my cousin Esha got married last week. If you haven’t been following, I guess we aren’t friends anymore. (I kid). As you know, Punjabi weddings are all about clothes and…


Office Productivity Hack: Drink More Water + Giveaway

Am I the only person who struggles with drinking water every day? Forget consuming 8 glasses, just having one or two feels like a big chore. It’s not like I have to make the water, or it requires special skills…


Embroidered Summer Kurta

We are just over a week away from my cousin’s wedding, and I’m already feeling tired from all the prep work. It feels we’ve been shopping for weeks. Between Zara and my desi clothes, and the boys needing to make…


I’m a ‘Goes to the Office’ Mom Now: Feelings

This month marks my 13 year anniversary as an entrepreneur. I can still remember the day my 3 month old son was napping on my chest back in May 2004 and I had the realization that I just couldn’t got…


Reinventing My Wedding Lehenga: Plan B

I was recently told by a client that I also consider a friend, that my entire personality is a dichotomy. She pointed out that many things about me are in total conflict. Like I’m very introverted, but I can also…


Moms 30 for 30 Week 2 Round-Up

I’m like four days late with my round-up post, but I’m giving myself mad props for even participating last week with the whole moving business. I did not manage to take pictures on the weekend during the move, so there…


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