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Moms 30 for 30 Week 2 Round-Up

I’m like four days late with my round-up post, but I’m giving myself mad props for even participating last week with the whole moving business. I did not manage to take pictures on the weekend during the move, so there…


How to Cope When Life Isn’t Fair

Life isn’t exactly known for it’s fairness. There are all sorts of things about the world that are unfair on a grand scheme – some people are born rich and others are born poor. Some of us are born completely…


Moms 30 for 30 Week 1 Round-Up

We made it through week one of the #moms30for30 challenge! Let’s be honest though, week one is always the easiest because I have all the outfit ideas, and all my clothes are clean and ironed. As I’m writing this post…


Sweet Mango Lassi with Vanilla Kefir

Now that the weather is starting to heat up on the West Coast, my kids are in the mode of asking for¬†frozen, sugary drinks non-stop. They will live on slurpees and milkshakes if we let them (especially¬†the little one), so…


DIY Mandala Wall Art

When we moved into our new office (which I promise I will show you guys soon, current mood: procrastination), I knew I wanted to have at least one ‘fun’ wall. We thought about doing a bold wallpaper, and there was…


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