From the Bar: Infused Vodka

I’ve been married nearly 13 years and if I can share one tip with all of you; marry a man that mixes a mean Martini, and enjoys shaking one up for you. You might think I’m suggesting that you have to enjoy alcohol to have a good marriage – I’m not. Maybe you like to share lattes with your significant other, or take long drives together; whatever your ‘thing’ is, as long as you love to share the experience, it will keep the magic alive in your relationship.with charn 2{On going debate between us – I say no beard, he loves the beard}

It just so happens that one of mine and Mr T’s ‘things’ is Martinis and high balls. He enjoys mixing them, and I enjoy being the taste tester. What I enjoy most though is watching his excitement when he dreams up a new idea for a mix. If he comes up with an idea for what he thinks will make a good cocktail, he will drive out to get the ingredients on the spot. (He will also make coffee runs, chocolate stops on the way home from the bank, and detour the really long way for his wife’s favourite take out – he’s a sweetheart).

Sometimes he will plan a cocktail all week and we’ll try it out on the weekend, other times I’ll text him on a Wednesday night and ask ‘can you make me a drink?’ His answer is always ‘ sure, what do you want?’ Mine; ‘surprise me’. Sometimes the surprise is amazing, and sometimes it’s so-so, but I’m always grateful that the option to be surprised is there.

I’ve been asking Mr. T forever to start a blog, because I think he could write about so many things; fatherhood (he’s the best dad ever), mixing craft cocktails, working with his spouse, and mastering sarcasm amongst other things. The blog hasn’t happened yet, but he did finally join Instagram a few weeks ago, and is going to start sharing his drink recipes with us here on Pink Chai Living! Baby steps baby.

Side note – the scariest part about blogging for Mr T is the writing. This week I’m being the voice for his ideas and next week he’ll actually be the man behind the bar keyboard.

Infused Vodka - Bubble Gum, Jalapeño, Rose Petal

To kick-off  the series we decided to infuse some Berezan Vodka with a few different flavours – something for him, something for me. The Berezan Hospitality Group had provided us with a bottle of their house vodka to try out, and we both found it to have a clean taste which made it a good candidate for infusing.  I found it to be very strong too, so I needed to use less than an ounce in a Martini.

This was our first foray into the world of infusing so we went with three very different flavours; strawberry-watermelon bubblegum, jalepeno, and rose petals.

We basically added our flavouring ingredient to a canning jar, topped with the alcohol and then let them sit in a dark cupboard for seven days. You do have to shake them once a day. Our first taste test was on day three and the bubblegum was already well flavoured. The jalapeño and rose took the full seven days to really develop their flavour.

Infused Vodka Recipes:

Bubblegum Vodka
4 pieces of bubblegum
4 ounces of vodka

This mix was the surprise winner from our experiment. I don’t usually like sweet drinks, but this was good. We’ll share a drink recipe soon, it was so good we used up our first batch before taking pics, but another one will be ready soon.  

infused vodka jalepeno

Jalepeno Vodka
2 jalapeños most of the seeds removed
4 ounces of vodka

I was a bit disappointed in this mix. Everything I read online said to take out the seeds or it would be too spicy (I should have known better). I wish we’d left the seeds because all I got was jalapeño flavour no heat, but it was a nice addition to a spicy Caesar. Mr. T does not like spice so he didn’t try this one.

Rose Petal Vodka
2 Tbs dried rose petals
4 ounces vodka

So we haven’t actually made a drink from this one yet, but I tasted it and love it! Rose is one of those flavours you either love it or you hate it, for me, it’s perfect. We’ll keep you posted on how it works in a drink. 

It was a really fun experience infusing our own vodka and I would highly recommend it. Rather than investing in a bottle of a flavoured vodka, you can buy something unflavoured and experiment with your mixes for the same price. What are we going to try next?

He said: coconut, pineapple, something fruity
She said: chai or coffee infusions



  1. Kuljit
    April 18, 2014 / 1:07 pm

    I want in on the chai flavoured vodka. I can smell it already, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves mmmmm

    • Sam D
      May 1, 2014 / 1:22 pm

      These were great Raj , Thank you to Mr t and yourself my fav is the bubble gum Cheers Sam D

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