To gather means to come together. At the Pink Chai house we believe in gathering to celebrate the big and the small occasions with those we love – friends, family, and friends that are more like family. Here you’ll find inspirations for dinner party menus & decor, festival celebrations, and family rituals that make the every day feel special. Come gather with us.


Rainbow Balloon Wall: Holi Photo Backdrop

Recently I found myself scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest (happens all the time), and my scroll stopped on this beautiful rainbow balloon wall by Sweet Lulu blog. Since I’ve been wanting to do something fun & non-messy for for Holi with…

This Is Why You Should Host A Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be a lot of work. You have to clean your house (or at least move the clutter around), cook for a group of people, and then clean up again after dinner! I know there are…