Chai Chat: Everyone Deserves a Photo They Love

Do you have a photo that you absolutely love? A photo that makes you smile every time you think about it, and truly captures the essence and feelings of the moment it was taken. I do, it’s this photo. A photo of the moment my family was complete: Pink Chai Family

{I’m not wearing a drop of make-up and my hair is a mess, but I guess that’s forgiven to a women that just delivered a baby a few hours earlier right?}

My guess is that lots of women (especially moms) have many photos with their family or of their kids that they love, but none of themselves – all by themselves. And no, wedding photos don’t count. It’s just not something women do for themselves. Even as someone who’s job was taking daily photos of what I wore, I didn’t always feel comfortable taking pictures of myself, and often found fault in them. 

raj 1

So when the lovely team behind phoTobin Photography, Tobin and Sarah Smith invited me out for a Modern Glam Experience just before Christmas last year, I was nervous. Nervous about letting someone do my hair and makeup, posing for a real photographer, and on some level; awkward about being the centre of attention. So I convinced myself that it would be a great way to get some new headshots – because there is nothing vain about getting new headshots right?

modern glam experience

The experience itself was amazing; Sarah was a pleasure to work with and styled me up just right – as the best possible version of myself, and not some lady with a lot of makeup. Tobin was a great sport encouraging me to try new poses, positioning me towards flattering light, and never once asking me for a cheesy smile (pun intended). But the real magic of the Modern Glam Experience happens at the reveal.

Seeing that many good pictures of me kind of took my breath away. When was the last time that I had looked that good, my wedding maybe? As I was viewing all these pictures I started thinking; what would I do with them? Would I hang an 8×10 of myself on the wall, not likely. How about putting a picture of myself on my desk, a little vain no? As I was pondering this Tobin suggested; why not keep one somewhere where you’ll see it and smile, and more importantly be reminded that you are that beautiful confident woman in the picture. He so eloquently explained why Sarah and him do this; because every woman deserves a picture of herself that she loves and makes her feel beautiful and special. I couldn’t agree more! I keep a copy of my favourite pic on my phone and check myself out just before an important meeting or event now – it’s a great confidence kick!

Before this experience, I would have thought having professional photos taken of just myself (unless they were for business purposes) was a waste of money, not any more. Now I feel more strongly than ever that every woman should have a professional photo shoot with hair, make-up, and the whole nine yards in every decade of her life (at the very least). Oh how I wish I had pictures like this from my twenties to compare to, and you better believe I’ll be visiting Mr & Mrs Smith again before my fortieth birthday.  

PS: If you want to get a more in-depth look at the Modern Glam Experience, check out this video of my experience

If you absolutely can’t justify a professional photo shoot right now, get all dressed up and get a friend or family member to take some pictures of you. Take lots of photos until you hit on the perfect one because; everyone deserves to have a photo of themselves that they love. 

Do you love having photos taken of yourself, or are you just too shy? Leave a comment or send me a tweet @pinkchai with the hashtag #chaichat, I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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