Chand Bali Earrings: My Current Obsession

I’m the first person to admit that I have a slightly obsessive streak, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty products. Once I really ‘get into something’ it inevitably becomes a collection. The thing about my little obsessions is that aren’t always practical; for example, my current love affair with printed tennis shoes. A person really only needs so many tennis shoes, but I can’t stop buying them. My second quirky obsession right now is the chand bali earring. The good news here is I haven’t bought any of these just yet, but I have been ‘pre-shopping’ online for many days. 

classic chand bali

{Classic chand balis – gold, pearl & kundan}

These round dangling earrings are my absolute favourite type of Indian jewelry. In fact, last night I almost rushed out of the house to my local desi shops to pick up a few pairs (because one must always have multiple options in chand balis right?). However I stopped myself because I want to invest in one gold toned and one silver toned pair I really love. I figure this will cover me for all my different Indian outfits. And with Diwali right around the corner I’m thinking maybe I can convince the Mr. to buy me a real gold pair as a gift….wishful thinking?

While I work on  my master plan for 24kt chand balis this festive season, I do have my eye on a few pairs that I found on etsy through a shop called Alankaar, and am very close to hitting the buy button on. I thought it would be fun to take a little vote on which ones are your favourites. Take a peek below and then take the poll … maybe I can use this online research as an excuse to shop?

mango chand bali

Mango & Turquoise 


Gold & Pearl

chand baliMeenakari and Pearl

So what do you think? Which ones should I go with?

Just for fun: I have to tell my fellow ‘Bolly buffs’ I first fell in love with chand bali earrings after watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge because they were Kajol’s choice of earrings in the film. That was also the same summer my obsession with plain suits and bandhani duppatay began. My life as a Bollywood saga …

PS: I wasn’t comped from this post, I just stumbled onto this shop while e-window shopping and liked their collection!



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  1. Jeanne
    September 5, 2014 / 10:20 am

    I chose the gold and pearl. They look very classic and would go with a lot. But I keep going back and looking at the first pair with the turquoise blue … Those could be mixed with a lot more everyday types of clothes.

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