Churi Roti with Shakkar

The last few months I’ve been craving all sorts of nostalgic childhood foods. I think losing my Bibi has made me feel this sudden urge to revisit the comforts of childhood – if only I had a time machine! I may not have a Doc Brown to take me back, but I do have my food memories.churi roti with shakkar, leftover roti idea

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems like some foods tasted so much better when I was a kid; seviyan, jalebian, and churi roti are all on that list. Maybe it has something to do with all the sweet level, or maybe the farther away we get from something the more we miss it and crave those flavours? Is it possible that nostalgia changes the memory so no version of that dish compares as we grow?

I’ve heard some people say that they use fresh roti to make churi, but at my house the idea behind a churi has always been preventing waste, and making leftover rotis more palatable. There are also many versions of churi – made with bajra flour roti, and topped with  salt or brown sugar, but in most Punjabi households a churi is made with lots of ghee and gur {jaggery} or shakkar (which is finely ground gur). pink chai living{My kids with their first stuffed animals – how did they get so big?}

My mom used to make churi roti as an after school treat, and sometimes even gave it to us on busy weeknights when she didn’t feel like cooking. I also fed churi to Armaan when he was a baby and he loved it! It’s one of my favourite memories – feeding him by hand. Zara was never fond of roti or parantha when she was a baby, so she missed out on this specialty.

How to Make Churi Roti with Shakkar: how to make churi roti with shakkar

All you need to make this delicious snack is a leftover or fresh roti (in the example pics I used two rotis), lots of ghee, and a handful of shakkar (finely ground jaggery). Start by getting the roti nice and hot and slathering it with ghee. how to make churi roti with shakkarNow break the roti into little pieces. Most people break up the roti really small, but I like bite size pieces, always have. how to make churi roti with shakkarAdd shakkar to your liking – I put 2 tablespoons here because I love it, but you could start with 1 tablespoon. I also added an extra dollop of ghee, but that is completely optional. Once you’ve dropped on the toppings, start mashing with your fingers!how to make churi roti with shakkarAgain, a traditional churi has roti pieces that are much smaller and becomes almost grainy in texture. Depending on the age of your child you may want to go a lot finer and smaller with your roti pieces, but I like this texture. how to make churi roti with shakkarSo there it is a quick and easy dish for using up leftovers. There is just one rule for churi, serve it hot! Enjoy.

Images by: Aziz Dhamani



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