Coffee Dates, Marriage & Singing in the Rain

Worn: For a coffee date with Mr. T

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Target
Dress: GAP
Boots: Sears
Scarf: Reitmans

I was feeling super happy yesterday  and since I went to the trouble of curling my hair, Mr T suggested an afternoon coffee date. I guess if your wife makes that much effort, the least you can do is take her to Tims for a double double? I was also inspired to change into this dress and do a little puddle jumping on the way – can’t help it, I’m a West Coast girl who loves the rain.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little detached from my Mr; like we are becoming complacent about our relationship. We are always nice to each other and have a very happy life, so in some ways I feel selfish for wanting more. I’m craving late night conversations that go on forever, uncontrollable giggles from remembering an inside joke, and long silent hugs. In fact, I had a long vent session with a girlfriend about this yesterday, and after walking away from the conversation I realized; I’m equal parts to blame for the lack of adventure in the relationship. You know the drill – kids, work, life, blogging; everything piles up and there isn’t much energy left for relationships at the end of the day.



The major culprit for us is talking about the kids, it seems like the only thing we talk about lately. My son has been having some issues at school and there have been a lot of doctors visits, and we keep talking about it every day. So, I made a list today; a list of things to talk about. Yes, I know that sounds crazy (and corny), but it felt good. I just went totally free flow and did a big brain dump of things to talk about other than the kids. I won’t be consulting the list every day and giving myself check marks or anything, but it was a good reminder of things to focus on, and I’m hoping it helps me initiate fun new conversations.

What do you do keep your relationship feeling fun? Would love to hear your ideas on reconnecting with your significant other? Also, random side note … Mr T is turning 40 in 3 weeks and my boy is turning 10, and I’ve done nothing to prepare! I feel a frantic Pinterest session coming on.



  1. February 20, 2014 / 5:41 pm

    Love the purple puddle jumpers!! I have yellow ones with green frogs — I secretly wish for rainy days so I can wear them.

    Hubby and I had a date today to watch the Women’s Gold Medal Hockey Game. Pub food and cold draft — and not one word about the kids. In fact, we barely made it back home in time for them to be home from school! Thankfully Canada won in overtime fairly quickly. But my point is, definitely having a common interest helps. Something that you perhaps did before marriage and kids that was probably what brought you together: revisit those things as often as you can
    Other than that – a whole lot of understanding and foregiveness. This is the busiest season of your marriage (having young kids), and you have to be willing to cut each other a bit of slack from time to time too.

    • February 20, 2014 / 7:45 pm

      That sounds like such a fun date! Great suggestion on remembering common interests too – will have to plan some dates with the Mr 🙂

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