My CoverGirl Moment: 18 Years in the Making

I have a surprisingly sharp recollection of the summer of 1996. It was the summer before my 16th birthday and it was all kinds of perfect. It was before high-school took it’s toll on my self-confidence, and well before I started letting other people’s opinions influence my self worth.

covergirl ready set gorgeous{In these photos I’m wearing Ready Set Gorgeous fresh complexion oil free foundation in Soft Honey. I love how well this foundation covers my pores & the matte look it gives my skin. I do look a little washed out in these pics though and I think it’s because I’m not wearing any colour on my lips thanks to a cold sore!}covergirl ready set gorgeous

Three really key things happened in the months leading up to summer 1996 that made it what it was. First, I was asked to choreograph some dance songs for a local film production (my dancing days are a story for another post), I answered an ad for a “modelling agency” that ended up being a sham, and I discovered Sun In. The combination of my perception of myself as a ‘model’, my role of authority on a film set, and orangey blond streaks gave me a level of confidence I’d never had before.

It was also the summer that I discovered foundation. I still remember my first bottle of foundation and pressed powder compact; they were by CoverGirl, and they were so wrong for me! I bought foundation that was too light, and powder that was too thick. I was a hot mess – not in the sort of sexy 2015 way, but in the “what is up with your face” 1996 way. But I didn’t care. Every morning I applied my foundation and powder all wrong, lined my lips with a dark Jordana liner and filled in with way too light lipstick, and acted like I owned the world (or at least the neighbourhood).

covergirl collage{What do you think – my 15 year old self aint got nothing on me, right?}

Shortly after I discovered make-up, I also discovered Seventeen magazine. In the first edition I ever bought there was an ad for a contest being held by CoverGirl. They were flying 15 girls to to New York for a week, giving them makeovers, and then one of them would get a modelling contract. I was so excited, and so sure I would win! I posed for pictures (see embarrassing proof above), prepared my wardrobe, and wrote the best damn essay on why I should be a CoverGirl, and then I read the fine print: contest open only to US residents. I was hashtag heartbroken (or pound sign heartbroken, because it was 1996 and all).

So I didn’t become a CoverGirl, but my love for their foundation stayed strong over the years. (It’s one of the few beauty products I never cheat on). Year after year I’ve applied classic tan on my skin and faced the world. There were plenty of years in between when I felt anything but easy breezy beautiful, but CoverGirl foundation was my constant companion…

Fast forward 18 years to January 27 2015 and a package shows up on my doorstep. The note inside reads: Welcome to the P&Gmom program! We’re so excited to have the opportunity to work with you. To get you started, here are just a few fabulous products from the P&G family. 

covergirl 3

Any guesses what was in the first box I opened? CoverGirl foundation and concealer. As Mr. T opened up and dug through the other boxes and told me about laundry soap, dish soap, batteries, and a whole load of other stuff, I couldn’t take my eyes off the foundation and concealer in my hands. Call it cheesy or over-dramatic, but nothing gives me more goosebumps or gratitude than the opportunity to work with brands that I love and use every single day. Who’s life is this anyway?

I’m thrilled to join the P&Gmom team this year, and I’m looking forward to trying out new products and sharing my finds with you, but for today, I’m going to enjoy my CoverGirl moment. Who would of thought – that 15 year old girl that wanted so badly to be easy breezy beautiful was ready set gorgeous all along – it just took 18 years, 2 kids, and 4 years of blogging for her to figure it out! 

Disclosure: I am a member of the P&Gmom program and receive products to test/review as part of my association. As always, I only share products I love and use myself. 





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