Day 4 & 5: Cozy & Composed

30 for 30 remix
Let’s talk about weekend looks in the fall and winter. First off, weekend looks are all about comfort for me. Whenever possible I avoid zippers, buttons, or anything else that restricts my movement (that’s what weekdays are for). On top of that it’s really cold this time of the year and I’m basically living in layers. That being sad, for the #Moms30for30 challenge, I wanted to push myself to try and create a few new go-to weekend looks, which I can also use on casual office days. I find that I’ll either get super dressed up for the office
, or show up in jeans, t-shirt, and converse with zero effort. Hoping this little weekend experiment will result in some better options for casual Fridays (or Wednesdays) at the office too.

Since I missed posting yesterday, I’m combing two looks today. Be sure to scroll through as I’m sharing a Style Takeaway after each outfit that you can use in your own looks too! (PS: If these takeaways are working for you, please let me know, and if there is something else you want to see I’d love to hear your suggestions!)

DAY 4:

30 for 30 remix

This look is totally deceiving, because it actually came together pretty polished, but this is my coziest jersey dress – it feel like wearing pajamas. I decided to try the socks and boots trend here and totally loved it. The only thing I would have changed; I should have worn sheer tights! I was freezing the day I wore this outfit. My plan is to head to Winners this afternoon and load up on thick tights.

Unfortunately, everything in this look is from past season so I couldn’t find links but sharing outfit details below:

Dress: Simons
Boots: Payless
Jacket: Old Navy
Leg Warmers: Dollar Store (they have some random good stuff, it’s worth wandering the aisles sometimes!)

30 for 30 remix


A very basic wardrobe piece can be elevated to ‘polished and pull together’ status by adding a nice a piece of outerwear or a fun touch like my legwarmers.Without the pop of red, this is just a basic dress, but when I added the coat it became an outfit. I used a similar style recipe on Day 2, when I upgraded my jeans and sweater look with a light pink jacket and hat. That’s the beautiful thing about planning your outfits, once you start to thinking about your looks you’ll find patterns and techniques you can use over and over to create a signature look. 

30 for 30 remix

DAY 5:

casual fall outfit

Casual and effortless is the hardest type of look for me to pull off. I see these looks on Pinterest all the time. Loose blanket scarf, baseball cap, swipe of gloss – messy, but just the right amount of messy. Those are the looks I aspire to on casual Fridays or lazy weekends, but can never seem to pull off. This is one of the rare times, I’m happy with how a casual outfit came together. 

casual fall outfit

I’ve tried to wear leggings, sweatpants or joggers, and I’m just not comfortable in them. These pants are from RW & Co from their business collection but have an elastic waistband. I recently cut them to a cropped length which I much prefer to a long pant (no idea why I but I enjoy freezing ankles I guess?)

It’s nothing amazing, but I love this outfit. It’s comfortable and relaxed, but just a little bit pulled together. This will be on repeat for me until it snows a few inches and I’m forced to cover my ankles. 

Outfit Details:
Pants: RW & Co
Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: Ardene
Hat: Walmart
Bag: Steve Madden via Marshall’s

casual fall outfit


Mix and match your wardrobe. Sometimes we get stuck thinking that certain pieces are for work and some are for lounging & weekends, but there are no rules. I usually only pair my Converse with jeans or casual dresses, but I love how they look with these ‘work pants’.

Also, heads up … our first remix of the season is this grey sweater!

30 for 30 remix

In case you’ve missed the earlier posts on this series here is a quick recap of how the challenge works, and you can see all 30 of the pieces I selected for the challenge in this video.

30 for 30 Remix Challenge {The Guidelines}

Choose 30 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, create 30 outfits in 30 days.

Shoes, accessories, and outerwear don’t count towards your 30 pieces

Have fun! Try new looks.

If you feel like it, share your pics on Instagram with the tag #moms30for30 or #30for30remix


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