Desi Dilemmas: Travelling with Your In-Laws

Desi Dilemmas is a new column for Pink Chai Living where we’ll be inviting guest columnists to share their thoughts on various issues and dilemmas that come up in our everyday desi lives. First up is my friend & favourite contributor, Salma Dinani .. xoxo Raj 

Going on vacation with your parents is something you’ve done your whole life. You know what works, what doesn’t and where to draw the line. Travelling with your  in-laws is  much trickier. Regardless of whether you have a strained or wonderful relationship with them, going on a trip can have its challenges. Here are some tips to make sure you avoid the stormy waters and your vacation is smooth sailing.
1. Get Separate Rooms
If you’re already going to be spending every day of your vacation together, consider getting separate rooms from your in-laws as opposed to a villa or vacation home. This will at least give you a place to go if you just need little bit of alone time or just some time to cool off.
2. Make A Plan For Your Trip
If you’re vacationing in a city that has lots to do, plan ahead. Let everyone contribute ideas on what they want to do and make a plan for each day. This will avoid the stress of figuring out what to do every morning and everyone gets to do something they want. 
3. Money Talks
If you have in-laws who want to pay for everything, this might lead to some uncomfortable moments. Of course when you where young kids, it was okay for the parents to pay for everything. But now that you’re all grown-up, it probably won’t feel right. Just take turns. If your in-laws pay for dinner, you can get breakfast in the morning. This also avoids the bill wrestling that we all know so well, at the end of each meal.
4. Keep It Short
Try and keep your vacation to less than seven days. A long vacation is okay with your own immediate family, but it can seem extremely long when travelling with others. Keep things short and sweet. It’ll avoid meltdowns and hopefully allow you to look forward to the next trip.
5. Enjoy Yourself
Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re on vacation. This means it’s time to kickback and relax. Make sure you don’t let the little things bug you and ruin your hard-earned vacation. After all, you are family and hopefully if you use some of these tips, it’ll bring you all closer…hopefully.
Text: Salma Dinani
Images: Courtesy Yash Raj Films/Bewakoofiyan

Salma headshotSalma Dinani is a freelance writer, producer and host. She has a passion for writing, reading, bargain-shopping and a new-found love for baking. Salma is also a mother of two, who is on a quest to find some balance in life and she blogs all about her journey at



  1. May 22, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    one plus side of such a vacation is there is some one to take care of kids

  2. May 22, 2014 / 7:36 pm

    That is very true James! thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂

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