vgh millionaire lotteryMy husband and I have this long running joke. It goes something like this:

Me: I’m going to win the lottery, buy an island, and run away!

Husband: You actually have to buy a ticket to win the lottery. ?


In my entire life, I’ve only ever bought a lottery ticket once (spoiler, I didn’t win, and I don’t own an island). Recently though, I got a chance to learn more about the VGH Millionaire Lottery, the amazing prizes they give away (including actual million dollar homes) and all the programs and research – and in turn people it supports, and I will definitely be buying a ticket each year! 

vgh millionaire lottery

I can imagine myself living here, can you?


Since it’s the time of year when many of us are thinking of gift giving, I really want to encourage to buy a VGH Millionaire Lottery ticket for your friend that has everything – instead of another coffee card. You can also get two tickets for $100 and split them up between two families for Secret Santa gifts too!

vgh millioniare lottery

Who wouldn’t want to win this kitchen? But guess what, it also comes with this ‘extra kitchen’! ??

vgh millionaire lottery

Buying a Millionaire Lottery ticket is a fun way to support VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. Money raised goes to funding innovative research, advancing specialized adult health care, and purchasing critical medical equipment at Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Vancouver Community Health Services and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. 

If you’ve never purchased a ticket before, here’s a quick rundown on how the lottery works, where you can get your tickets, and what your contribution supports. And then we’ll get into the fun stuff – an exclusive tour of the White Rock Prize Home with design tips and inputs from Debbie Rae of Sunrae Interiors, who designed the beautiful home!




Tickets start at 2 for $100, and are available for purchase online at or in-person at VGH, any London Drugs, or at the Langley or White Rock prize homes. You can also call 1-833-870-4188 to purchase tickets.

In total there are over 3100 prizes to win, worth over $4.2 million

The winner of Millionaire Lottery can choose one of eight grand prize home packages – including homes located in Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, Langley, Sidney, Sooke Point, and Kelowna. The winner also has the option of choosing $2.7 million in tax-free cash instead of taking one of the prize homes. 

Tickets can only be purchased in BC, and you must be 19 or older to purchase. 

vgh millionaire lotteryMe and Debbie about to start the tour!

I’m going to share some of my favourite parts of the White Rock prize home, but you should definitely also visit! It’s located at 14658 West Beach Avenue, White Rock and is open everyday from 11am-4pm. If you are looking for design inspiration, you have to check it out, Debbie has done such great work!




Pattern Mixing

My favourite part of Debbie’s design is definitely the way she’s effortlessly mixed patterns in this home. By keeping each room in one colour scheme she’s managed to layer pattern and texture to create a fun graphic look without things looking mismatched. 

vgh millionaire lottery

In the main living room, the textured fabric on the sofas plays off the beautiful ‘Aztec inspired’ rug, and is completed by multi-colour cushions. I’d happily transport this entire Lazy Boy look to my living room. (PS: this couch is a recliner, how pretty!)

vgh millionaire lottery

I’ll just make myself at home! 

In my favourite room of the house – the pink and black room obviously, there is lots more pattern play. Black and white vases, and over-sized graphic print, and another bold carpet bring this room to life. I wish I had such an epic gathering room in my house. Fingers crossed I win the lottery!

 Carry Similar Colours Through the House

This is one I always wondered about. Should every room in a house be individual, or should they all have similarities?

This is one I always wondered about. Should every room in a house be individual, or should they all have similarities? Obviously, with an open concept space you will create a cohesive colour palette. But in this home, every room has a hint of Caribbean inspired colours, even if they are on different floors. 

vgh millionaire lottery

I love that the library has this more intimate seating set-up for smaller dinners, or homework sessions. And of course, hits of coral.

vgh millionaire lottery

Black and white & …. Coral

Bring the Outside In

Plants are so trendy right now, so it’s no surprise that Debbie used lots of greenery in the home (faux and real), but she also chose lots of oceanic and Caribbean colours in the home like I mentioned. Also, the furniture is placed in a way that allows for an open airy feeling. Another thing I noticed is that there are a lot of touches of wood around the house, keeping in line with the eco-friendly, natural look & feel.

vgh millionaire lottery

The hot-tub is technically “outside”, but it feels like it’s part of the interior space because of the dividers.

vgh millionaire lottery

More greenery spread throughout the house

vgh millionaire lotteryThis shot covers all three of my favourite trends from the White Rock Prize home – pattern mixing, Caribean inspired colours, and greenery!



I really hope you will take the time to tour this beautiful home, and support the VGH Millionaire Lottery.  While this is a sponsored post, as always, opinions are my own!




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