How to Wear Emerald Green

how to wear emerald green

You’ve probably already heard the news; emerald green has been selected as colour of the year by Pantone, and pretty soon malls across the country will be overflowing with clothes and accessories in this deep hue. I’ve always associated emeralds with Elizabeth Taylor and wondered why shed didn’t make a perfume called Emerald, rather than diamond. As a wardrobe staple though, it’s never really been my colour.

I took a completely non-scientific Facebook pole and my initial thoughts about emerald green were confirmed; it’s a love it or hate it kind of colour. So what’s the best way to rock this very regal shade of green, click through the link…

When wearing emerald green think like a peacock – Nothing goes better with this shade than peacock inspired colour, it’s a perfect match made in nature. Try pairing it with navy, deep indigo, turquoise – jewel tones are the way to go.

Gold accents are the right match – Emerald’s favourite metallic is definitely gold. An emerald dress with gold chandelier earrings for evening, or emerald dress pants with gold flats for day?

Avoid red – No one like looking like a Christmas tree (I think?)

Work it in through prints – If you aren’t sure about the colour itself, try a printed piece with some emerald green in it. Baby steps!

What do you think about emerald green? Are you planning on adding it to your wardrobe this spring?