Fall 2013: Wardrobe Inspiration

Fall-2013-Wardrobe-Inspiration-1024x782Left to Right: Top Row – Image viaBanana Republic, Image via What I WoreBottom Row: Image via High on Fashion, Image via Banana Republic

If you follow me on social media you might already know that I’ve been dreaming of a new fall wardrobe and have been asking a lot of questions about everyone else’s fall shopping habits (I find it very intriguing to decode other peoples buying patterns). Since I started blogging about what I wear, I’ve had to become very concious of my purchases. I’m constantly asking myself; am I buying this because I love it and it fits in with the rest of my wardrobe, or because it will look cool in outfit photos? As part of my quest to become more intentional about my purchases, I’ve started to plan them out seasonally and force myself to think about what I really need. 

I started my fall 2013 wardrobe planning by scanning lots of pictures and pinning some that interested me, but the one that I couldn’t get out my mind was of Jessica from What I Wore in those skinny jeans and plaid shirt; it was pretty much screaming ‘this is what fall 2013 looks like!’ If you’ve been following Pink Chai Style for a while you won’t be surprised that I was inspired by Jessica because I love her style – it’s so accessible to the average woman. I’m also loving the Banana Republic fall collection, those printed pants and chambray top are genius, and that flowy below the knee skirt by Gina is also making me melt. So the basic concept of my fall style statement was born: skinny jeans, tailored printed pants, button downs (particularly chambray), and below the knee skirts.

Fall-2013-colour-storyThe colours I’m particularly interested in adding to my wardrobe are some new pinks, navy blue, and some combination of blue and green that looks beautiful in person but I cannot capture in RGB codes. My accents – leopard and gold


I am also coveting printed quirky sweaters like nobody’s business this year. Unfortunately everyone of these is out of season or sold out, but still I wanted you to get the idea behind my vision (pink and green sweaters by Kate Spade, moustache sweater by Zara, heart sweater by Top Shop).

So that’s the story behind my vision for my fall 2013 style statement. Now, am I going to buy it all? Absolutely not! This is a big vision, but after doing a serious closet audit there are a few things I know that I absolutely need and most of the rest are ‘wants’ so they will have to be found extremely discounted, diy’ed, or fit into my pretty tiny monthly clothing budget. Here’s what made my must buy list:

  • a new compact sturdy umbrella
  • computer/work bag that zips up from the top and is weather proof
  • flat bottomed brown boots
  • fall jacket (most likely denim)

Most coveted pieces (basically what I will buy if my budget allows it):

  • skinny jeans
  • chambray shirt
  • printed sweater
  • new statement necklace

What I’m saving for (investment pieces) and hope to find at the end of season sales:

  • trench coat that belts at the waist and is just a little longer than knee length
  • fuchsia (or deep pink) coat that is also lower than the knee
  • black heeled boots
  • sturdy everyday purse in a navy blue or deep purple shade

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration for your fall 2013 look, and also encourages you to think and plan before you make a purchase. I feel so much less buyer’s remorse these days because my shopping is intentional. (Sometimes I still slip up though and buy something I really don’t need…. good thing no one is perfect!)

If you are planning on refreshing your wardrobe for fall, check out this piece I wrote on using the colour wheel to create multiple outfits before you shop!




  1. August 22, 2013 / 1:26 pm

    Hey Raj, what a lovely post.
    Thanks for the feature! I really enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  2. August 22, 2013 / 3:26 pm

    Nice post! The only time I really go shopping is when I need something. Like, REALLY need something. My mother dragged me into the store to buy new clothes when all of mine didn’t fit anymore (they were all about 3 sizes too big at that point). I don’t follow any sort of plan, I just grab what fits and what I like. That way in 4 years when I’m still wearing the same things, I still like them! I also don’t have to have a professional wardrobe so that helps!

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