Favourite Find: Dabur Amla Hair Oil

alma-oilDabur Amla Hair Oil is a staple in most homes in India. The stuff is kind of greasy, doesn’t smell great, and I’m sure has some ingredients that would make health nuts go crazy, but it works magic on over-processed, dry hair like mine. 

My hair takes a beating almost daily. I blow dry and straighten 2-3 times per week, colour my greys every 4 weeks, and tease my hair way too often, and it’s naturally dry. Dabur Amla hair oil is my only saving grace. Once a week I saturate my hair with it, then I wet a towel with really hot water, wring it out, and wrap it around my head for a half hour to an hour before washing it out. This is my personal method; most people recommend leaving it on overnight and washing it out in the morning. I like wrapping it with the hot steam – it just feels nice, and whenever I skip that step it doesn’t feel as soft on the ends. 

It’s pretty easy to find at an Indian grocery store, just be sure to look for a box that is marked for sale in North America only (or for export only). If you’re not into trying Amla oil, I still highly recommend hot oil treatment. I’ve never tried it, but Moroccanoil gets rave reviews, and I’ve heard good things about the hair oils from the Body Shop. Me I’m happy with my Indian Gooseberry juice…aka Dabur Amla Hair Oil.