Flax Seed and Fenugreek Vinaigrette

flaxseed-and-fenugreek-vinaigretteOver the last year my relationship with food has changed, a lot. It was just about a year ago that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Diseaseand went on a gluten free diet. Since then I’ve also learned that eating limited dairy and sugar is the best way to keep my body happy and my energy levels up.

One of the best side effects of being diagnosed with a chronic disease; it forced me to learn more about the food I put in my body. I started thinking about where it comes from, if it’s organic, and what it’s nutritional value is. Of course there was a domino affect on my family’s diet; they eat better, we’ve started eliminating boxed and canned foods, I’m learning to cook new things, and we’ve created a dinner hour ritual with the kids.  So obviously when I heard that the Wellness Show was happening in Vancouver, I was interested. These types of trade shows are a great way to begin learning about eating better and feeling better. The Wellness Show even has a line up of speakers and presenters to educate you. (I’m particularly interested in the Wellness Workshops at this year’s event).

The good people at the Wellness Show sent me a little goodie bag filled with some pretty cool swag to try out, and what instantly caught my attention was the flax seed oil by alligga. Lately I’ve been obsessed with making vinaigrettes (I’m a little late to the party as always, just learned how last month), so flax seed oil seemed like a fun ingredient to play around with. Plus, my Mr has high cholesterol and according to my mother flax seeds are an old Indian remedy for lowering it, so it made total sense to incorporate into our meals.

My vinaigrette has a subtle hint of Indian flavours because of the garam masala, but I love the mix of the lemon juice, and the two oils to balance it out. It’s very much a ‘khatta-meetha’ (sour & sweet) taste that is very popular in Indian cooking. In fact, I think in my next experiment I will try to add a little tamarind for extra pucker!

Flax Seed and Fenugreek Vinaigrette:
1/4 cup flax seed oil
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 tbs honey
4 tbs fenugreek  leaves
1 clove garlic
1 tsp garam masala
Salt to taste

*I intentionally skipped the black pepper because the garam masala makes up for it.

flaxseed-vinaigrette Drop all your ingredients into a mini blender and give them a good whiz. Like any vinaigrette, this tastes best if you give it 2-4 hours to sit and let the flavours get happy. I served mine with some spinach leaves, dark brown chickpeas, and red onion slices. It was a perfect light lunch.


I still have some sunflower oil from my goodie bag, and some cold pressed Hazelnut oil I picked up this weekend to play around with …. who knows there may be more recipes coming soon!

PS: If you live in the Vancouver area, the Wellness Show is this weekend – don’t miss it!



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