Day 2: Grey Jeans for Fall

30 for 30 remix, grey jeans outfit
The weather is really starting to turn in BC, and it’s wet and grey today, and my outfit kind of matches. I’ve never been much of a grey person. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I owned anything grey. If you haven’t noticed, colour is my jam.

grey jeans, fall outfit, 30 for 30 remix

pink and grey fall outfit, pink chai living
A few weekends ago I went to Old Navy to use up my super cash and saw these grey jeans. Normally I avoid light washes in jeans because I have ‘mom hips’ and they kind of draw attention to them. However, I’m trying really hard to love and accept myself lately so I thought, to hell with the hips, let’s try something new! That’s how these grey jeans (and some how the matching grey sweatshirt) ended up in my tote bag. 

Outfit Details
Grey Jeans: Old Navy
V-Neck Sweater: Old Navy
Boucle Coat: Old Navy
Heels: Target (Old)
Hat: Sears (Old)

Yes, I’m totally aware that I’m kind of obsessed with Old Navy, but their clothes fit me, the sizes are easy to figure out, and it’s affordable. 

pink and grey fall outfit, grey jeans, pink coat

On the same trip to Old Navy I realized I actually had two Super Cash coupons (yes, as stated above, I know I spend too much at this place). I used my second coupon to get this warm and super cozy baby pink boucle texture coat . This coat is my everything right now. Pretty sure we are soul mates. 

pink and grey fall outfit, grey jeans, pink chai living


What can you take away from this outfit and apply to your own looks? The power of outerwear to elevate a basic and monotone look. I wore heels because I was working at my desk all day, but I would just easily pair this outfit with black boots, and the star would still be the jacket and hat. Not everyone feels comfortable in a hat, but if you have to wear a coat anyway, why not make it a statement piece!

pink and grey fall outfit

In case you’ve missed the earlier posts on this series here is a quick recap of how the challenge works, and you can see all 30 of the pieces I selected for the challenge in this video.

30 for 30 Remix Challenge {The Guidelines}

Choose 30 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, create 30 outfits in 30 days.

Shoes, accessories, and outerwear don’t count towards your 30 pieces

Have fun! Try new looks.

If you feel like it, share your pics on Instagram with the tag #moms30for30 or #30for30remix

pink and grey fall outfit



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