How Do You Choose Your Next Travel Destination? (Plus 12 Places on My Wishlist Currently)

how do you choose your next travel destination

Throw darts at a map? Spin the globe and go wherever your finger lands? Or maybe look at the most trending locations to visit according to Conde Naste? How is one supposed to choose their next travel destination with so many possible options? This is the question my mind has been pondering lately.

I absolutely love travelling, and have been blessed to visit a good number of my wishlist destinations over the years. One could even say that I’m privileged in a way. My photo albums and scrapbooks are full of memories from places like Amritsar, Agra, Paris, New York, Puerto Vallarta and even Tokyo. But yet, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to world adventures. What kind of a wanderluster would I be if I don’t make it to the Pyramids of Giza, or the Blue Lagoon? How about the beaches of Greece, and the ancient markets of Fez? And I haven’t even seen the Northern Lights or the Haida Gwaii Islands yet, even though I live on the West Coast of Canada!

It’s so cheesy I know, but that meme, the one that says ‘the whole world is my bucket list’ it’s speaking the language of my heart. Of course neither my time or my bank balance are limitless, so how am I supposed to choose the next place I want to visit? We already have our big family trip booked for this year; New York in August (some cities deserve two visits, one in winter & one in summer). I’ll also be going to Juneau in June (so cute) for the International Food Bloggers Conference, but I’m currently itching for a big adventure. I want to go somewhere that is totally new for me.

how do you choose your next travel destination

A sunny winter day at Fisherman’s Wharf Seattle: Images Aziz Dhamani

It needs to be a place that has a brand new type of architecture and buildings, or a food culture that I’ve never experienced before. And with there being so many parts of the world I haven’t explored yet, even those perimeters don’t really narrow down the list enough! Maybe I’m just over-thinking things too much? But the truth is, I  want to be intentional with my future trips, feel like I made a thoughtful choice. So to give myself a place to start, I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon brainstorming, reviewing my favourite travel blog, and mining Pinterest for ideas. From that exercise I was able to shortlist 12 places I wouldn’t mind visiting in 2019/2020.

The list is broken up into 4 categories; (a) big-ticket trips – those that require a bigger spend, are a minimum of 10 days off work, (b) short trips (could be fit into 3-5 days but still require a plane trip), (c) US & Canadian road trips -places we could drive to easily but with varying distances, (d) weekend getaways – somewhere we could could get to in under 6 hours by car, and visit over a long weekend without feeling shortchanged. Yes, I totally recognize that my over-thinking is clearly on display here.

Big Ticket
Beijing & The Great Wall of China
Morocco & Spain (Inspired by this book)
Chzec Republic

Short Trips
San Miguel de Allande

US & Canadian Road Trips:

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival + Portland
Banff & Drumheller – we did a Rockies road trip when the kids were quite young, but they are keen to visit again
Oregon Coast

Weekend Getaways
Jones Lake + Hope
Shushwap Lake (they have houseboats!)

Do I think I’ll make it all 12 places? Highly unlikely, but I do love that I have this list to guide my google flight searches now!

So now it’s your turn, leave a comment and let me know how you choose your next travel destination. 

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  3. shiza
    October 17, 2019 / 7:07 pm

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  4. October 21, 2019 / 1:39 am

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