Keeping Busy & Personalizing My Space

personalize-your-home{A teacup from my Mom’s original original china collection – Old Country Rose, and a shooter glass from a trip to Cape Breton with Mr. T, a random but happy combination for storing rings and my everyday earrings}

The last few days I’ve been hiding out from the camera. I made the mistake of eating some of my favourite (but gluten filled) foods over the Diwali weekend, and on Monday evening I ballooned up like a puffer fish. The swelling is starting to ease off, but the general feeling of “ick” is still lingering, so I’ve been trying to distract myself with some projects around the house, particularly involving personalizing my space (number 15 on that 35 before 35 list).

For a while now I’ve been feeling the urge to add some personal touches to my little space. Not so much decorating, but adding feel good items in unexpected places. Things that I would see around my house and smile. Rather than having boxes full of things that I’m saving for my kids, or bins at the back of the closet full of dating and relationship memorabilia, why not put some of those things out in the open and then rotate them?

I started yesterday by tackling my jewellery/accessory/junk drawer….(more after the jump)

jewellery-drawer-1024x353{I can’t believe that I’m actually sharing this picture, it’s such a mess!}

For the last few weeks I’ve been faced with the mess you see above every time I’m looking for a belt, bangle, or a pair of earrings. It’s not fun, it makes me cringe to show you that picture, and it makes it less likely that I will accessorize my outfit. As I was strategizing creative storage solutions and considering making a run to the dollar store for more bins (which I don’t need) I remembered this jewellery drawer do-over that I saw on Little Green Notebook. After a quick survey of my fabric stock, I chose a bright pink denim to line the bottom of my drawer, and started laying out some of my favourite items and containers (the belts got relocated to my closet in the interest of space, and a lot of items ended up in a donation bag). 

updated-drawerThis is my new view when reaching for a necklace or bracelet in the morning! That little jewellery box in the corner was a thrift store find from last year and is an exact miniature version of my mom’s jewellery box from the 70’s that she still uses, so excited that I finally got to take it out of corner of my closet and use it. I rarely wear either of these earrings, but both have sentimental value because Mr. T bought them for me (which I think is super sweet because he knows nothing about earrings). Even if I don’t wear them more often, at least I’ll get to see them daily.earrings

tea-cupTo balance out the teacup on the other side, I also pulled out this ceramic ‘mug’ that Zara made me when she took a pottery class last year. She brought it home and said, “I know you love coffee in the morning so I made you a mug, but don’t fill it up all the way because there’s a hole at the top.” It was one of those perfect moments that I’ll remember till I’m old and grey. Those are the kinds of moments that I want to bottle up and sprinkle around my house with this personalization project. 

I imagine this will be an evolving drawer – the containers will change and the necklaces will get rotated out, but my hope is that I’ll smile every time I open it because it will remind me of a happy moment.

How do you personalize your space? Would love to hear about in the comments, I have lots more rooms to go!



  1. November 6, 2013 / 10:19 am

    I have started to purge the house for the third time this year. I keep significant pieces for my desk (the only space that is only mine.) I use my grandpa’s desk which has carvings and a load of history. My bookmark in my current read is the one my oldest made me in preschool. The cup that holds my pens was a gift from my first publisher. Good luck on your jewellery! I try but never win there. 😉

  2. November 6, 2013 / 11:43 am

    This is my favourite time of year to start nesting into our space- I was doing a bit of this myself this past week! I also love that you are using your Mom’s tea cup for rings- cute idea! Old Country Rose- as seen listed on every bride’s wedding registry in the 70’s!!!

  3. November 7, 2013 / 6:11 am

    What a perfect idea for a sentimental teacup! I have my late grandma’s faves in my china cabinet – but I hardly ever use them because they are “fancy”. And my daughter just broke my antique jewelery box I was using – so you gave me the perfect solution just when I needed it!
    Otherwise, I don’t tend to personalize any specific spaces for myself, since I don’t really have a space that is mine alone. An office or a writing space just for me is definitely the dream!

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