Life Lately: October 2014

Guys (or more likely girls) … you know how it always seems like you blink and and a year has gone by? Or you suddenly look up from your book and your baby boy is 5 feet tall? I’ve been feeling more and more lately that in the hustle & bustle of life I’m forgetting to record all the little memories; the day to day stuff I’ll want to remember in 20 years. 

I thought about journaling or trying my hand at scrapbooking – but then I remembered I have a blog where I could write this stuff. Sometimes I hesitate about sharing too much family stuff here, but it is a personal blog, and especially this year has become a diary of sorts. So here is the first in what will hopefully become a monthly series; Life Lately….

life lately{Left – They’ve started sitting on the same side of the table when we go out to eat. Moments like that just melt my heart. Right – opening Diwali gifts. They do everything together!}

Armaan (The Boy) ….

Lately I find myself just staring at A while he’s playing video games or taking shots on his mini hockey net (still hockey obsessed) and tearing up – he’s just so big! I went shopping for a new winter coat for him and realized his arms are now longer than mine, and I can also measures his pants against my leg, we have the same inseam. 

Earlier this month we were having one of our early morning chats (that tend to happen around 6 am when no one else is awake) and A said – when I grow up I might want to be a stay at home dad because my wife might want to have a job. My heart just melted. This boy is too precious for words. 

October obsessions for Armaan; new indoor hockey net, Tomadachi Life video game, and making his own hot chocolate. 

life lately 2{Left – So many choices! Right – Must wear all the stripes and all the colours}

Zara (The Girl) …

So much spunk (and sometimes sass!) This school year Z’s pattern mixing and colour ‘un-matching’ is even crazier than last year if that’s possible. I recently asked her if she wanted to change her shirt to one that matched her leggings and she very matter-of-factly replied – I think it matches and that’s all that matters! Oh how I hope she can hold on to that confidence as she grows.

Over the last few months Z and I have really started developing a new kind of friendship. We just hang out together and watch movies, we go on coffee dates, and in October we even started getting our nails done at the local salon. It’s a new rhythm, and I’m kind of loving it!

Z’s October loves; striped everything (leggings, t-shirts, cardigans), changing her earrings, DIY Geeky Goodies You Tube channel, and the Justice store. 

AZO_1848AZO_1858AZO_1783{Goofing around while shooting pictures for a client. PS: this guy has my heart forever!}

Mr T (The Dad)…

Best dad ever. Between coaching the boy’s soccer team, and running the school hot lunch program and Halloween bake sale last month, I think this man really deserves a father of the year award. (I’m going to bookmark that thought for the next time something happens that makes me want to lose my cool).

Last week we went shopping together and I remember stopping to think how cool Mr. T is becoming. With his graphic tees, styling tennis shoes, and current obsession with H&M, you’d think he’s married to a fashion blogger or something 😉 I actually think it’s quite adorable how interested in personal style he is lately. 

Things Mr. T is into lately; Malibu coconut flavoured rum (obsessed), shopping at H&M, Bounty bars – actually pretty much anything with coconut in it.





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