We are Taking a Mother Daughter Trip!

mother daughter trip

Guys, we have big news –  Zara & I are going to Paris this summer! I have been dying to go to Paris for as long as I can remember, and Zara recently became infatuated with the Eiffel Tower and it’s twinkling lights so it’s kind of perfect.

If you’ve been with me for a while you might remember that going to Paris was on my 35 before 35 list, what you probably don’t know is, I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Paris with one of my best friends Dale for the last 3 years running. Some how it never quite comes together. I had honestly started to feel a bit disheartened about getting to Paris, and then Zara floated the idea of going for her 10th birthday (that girl dreams big). 

At first I laughed it off – a trip to Paris for a 10th birthday, crazy right? The more I thought about it though, the more it felt like the right thing to do. I’ve traveled a lot for work the last year, and work a lot of long hours, and have been feeling a bit disconnected from my kids. What better way to reconnect than with a week of one on one time exploring a European city together! 

As soon as I started leaning towards the ‘just do it’ feeling I had two hesitations pop up. The first was my promise to my friend Dale that I would go to Paris with her. Of course when I told her about this idea of going with Zara she was totally supportive (because she’s an awesome human and friend). She’s just happy I’m finally going. The second hesitation, leaving my son behind. He’s 13, super mature for his age and all that, but he’s still my baby and I didn’t want him to feel bad. I had a long chat with him about why I wanted to do this trip with Zara, and how I’d love to do something special with him at another time. At the end of the discussion I felt totally confident that he was okay with it. So tickets booked, and then secret kept from the Princess for 3 whole months – that was crazy. But now that I’ve told her, I can tell you guys because a) I love you in a weird internet way and lurve oversharing with you and…. b) I need your recommendations!!!

  1. Kid friendly restaurants in Paris
    Z is 9 so it’s not really about highchairs, but more like places that have food kids will like
  2. Secret Gems
    What’s a place that is worth visiting but wouldn’t be on the ‘tourist list’
  3. What’s overrated?
  4. Boat cruise reviews suggestions
    I would really like to do a cruise around the Sienne in the evening – have you done one before? what company?
  5. Open air markets
    Where should we go to experience this Parisian wonder?

Can you tell I’m a tiny bit excited by all the exclamation marks?!! Also if curiosity is killing you, we leave in 20 days 🙂




  1. July 15, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    The trip sounds like a great idea! Don’t have restaurant recommendations but kids should like everything in Paris food-wise. Must try crepes- couple of creperies near Boulevard Saint-Michel, and macarons at Laduree (multiple locations I think).
    We did a tour of Montmarte that was pretty good- saw Van Gogh’s house, Picasso’s hangout etc. It was good to climb up the hill in Montmarte all the way up to Basilica Sacre-Coeur from where we got great views of the city. Tours though would have content inappropriate for young listeners, but walking around by yourself would be great too. Montmarte has lots of reasonably priced restaurantswith great food too.
    Check out Shakespeare and Company in San Michele too- a bookstore and a cafe with a lot of history.
    Also check out the flower market on Ile-de-la -cite near Notre Dame cathedral.
    I would suggest taking a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and its extensive gardens.
    The most overrated sight in Paris is the Monalisa at Louvre (there are many other better paintings).
    I think Eiffel tower itself is overrated (fun to look at from a distance but standing in long lines to get to the top is not worth the pain).
    Do spend some time in the tuileries garden (have a picnic maybe).
    Can’t say anything about the boat cruise but sounds like a good idea.
    Regarding open air markets, the bouquinistes along the Seine sell rare books and collectibles.

    Have fun-Paris is awesome!

    • July 19, 2017 / 10:20 am

      Thank you so much for all the suggestions Shuchita! I’m really excited about some of these open air markets you mentioned.

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