My 3 Step Decorating Process {Video}

My 3 Step Decorating Process

Ever found yourself with an empty space to decorate? Or maybe you have a tired looking room that needs a refresh? Whatever the case, decorating can be an overwhelming experience. I still shudder when I think of all the decor faux-pas I made in my first apartment, and how mis-matched my first house was. Over the years I’ve started to use a 3-step process for decorating a new room:

Step 1: Choose your colour scheme.
This includes accent colour, metallic and wood finishes.

Step 2: Select an ‘anchor piece’ for your room.

Step 3: Bring in a repeating pattern in various sizes.

My 3 Step Decorating Process

I’ve used this same method in various places I’ve lived over the years, and have also applied it in our office where we have a pink & beige colour scheme with white pine furniture, and lots of mandalas. If you are starting a decorating project soon and are looking for a place to get started, check out the video below where I’m explaining my process in detail.


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