Netflix and Go: New York City Edition

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I was a pretty late getting on the Netflix train. By the time I started using the streaming service last year, most of my friends had gone through 5-7 different series. Before you judge me, let me tell you – I’m not a TV show person, LOVE movies, but I’m all about the big screen, and I’m ‘chilling challenged’ – I literally do not know how to relax. However, last year the kids lobbied for Netflix, I caved, and my evenings have never been the same. 

Mostly I watch new Hindi releases, foodie shows, and travel related documentaries. And until our trip to Paris this summer, when we downloaded a few kids movies for the flight, I’ve been limiting my Netflix use to home. Yup, there are certain titles that you can download to your tablet, phone, or laptop and take with you for long haul flights or road trips.

{Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the ultimate NYC girl movie!}

This is pretty awesome news for parents that are travelling with littles, but it’s also kind of awesome for big kids like me. Whenever I’m headed to a new city, I like to watch movies that feature the place a few days before (one of my many strange but adorable quirks). So of course I’ve been overdosing on NYC related flicks lately, and plan to download a few extras for my flight TODAY!! Yes, that’s right, I’m headed to New York City as you are reading this post. Make sure you follow along on my Insta Stories for all the behind the scenes action.

I’ve got my tablet loaded with some classics and a few newbies, and just in case you have a little NYC fever, here’s my my list.

netflix download

Netflix and Go: NYC Edition

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The ultimate NYC love story

Sex & The City
Carrie Bradshaw is total BFF goals, and I love that girl

No matter how bad-ass this lady gets, I’ll always be a hopeless romantic at heart





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