Outfit: Spring Dress & Denim Jacket

Dress & Jacket: Sirens, Shoes: Payless

I desperately needed a break from my over-zealous purging and organizing today, so I headed out for a little window shopping and brain break with my cousin. I had no intention of buying anything but did end up finding the perfect red lipstick, and a Kai Lan shirt for Zara. For a grand total of $10.26 (plus the $9 I spent on Taco Bell), I bought myself a happy little adventure and some long overdue stress relief. Too bad it started to hail on our way back and I’m literally frozen to the bone now. Overall though, today = happy day:)

Now I must turn my attention to the never-ending project that needs to be completed before midnight tonight to meet a client deadline. Don’t be surprised if I tell you tomorrow that I was working until 11:59 pm last night. On a completely unrelated note, I’m absolutely loving my new denim jacket. I haven’t owned one in years but I’m totally smitten for this one.


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