Plan Shaadi: For Desi Brides

So I’m not not planning to get remarried anytime soon (although I do dream of a vow renewal in Paris, and have a Pinterest board to prove it), but if I were getting married, Plan Shaadi would be my go-to for ideas and advice.¬†Plan Shaadi is an online resource designed especially for Indian brides and grooms. Think; for desi couples.

Over the last year I’ve had a chance to get to know the founders of the company, and have even joined the team as the editor of the Plan Shaadi blog, and have really been enjoying learning more about the fine details of Indian wedding planning. I was pretty young, and had limited style sense when I got married so most of these ideas never even crossed my mind then – but I appreciate them now.

alternatives to ladoo at Indian weddings{Recent posts on the Plan Shaadi blog included; alternatives to ladoo with wedding cards, and the latest food trends at Indian weddings}food

The concept is pretty simple; brides (or grooms) sign-up for a free account and have access to planning checklists created for Indian weddings, a budget manager, guest list tracker, and preferred vendor directory. You can also share your planning details with your fiance, and take them on the go with the Plan Shaadi mobile app, but what I really love is how the site connects you to the traditional aspects of an Indian wedding.

This is a site you can go to for answers to questions about the planning process, wedding rituals, traditions, and all the fine details of planning an Indian wedding. Plan Shaadi covers all of the little pieces of tradition that make and Indian wedding so vibrant and fun. Over the last few months I’ve found myself researching things like maiyan rituals, the best flowers for your Jai Mala, the all-time best Bollywood songs for your reception, and so much more. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job!)

vatna{I recently worked on a video with the Plan Shaadi team that shows brides how to make their own vatna for a maiyan ceremony}

I don’t usually talk about my clients on the blog, but I really felt that many of our readers here on Pink Chai Living could benefit from the services Plan Shaadi offers, or might know someone who can. You can learn more about them on their site here, or follow along on Facebook for daily posts.

I’m curious to know; who do you turn to for advice when you have a wedding in your family? Is their one Aunty that knows it all, or do you use google as a reference?


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